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Advanced PH Perfect in soil Tip

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Trulife69, Dec 18, 2013.


    Trulife69 Active Member

    For those of you using Advanced PH Perfect base nutes growing in soil and have wondered if you should ph your water here's what I can tell you. I have been using advanced ph perfect for a while now with tap water. my tap water is ph7.9. Yes,you can completely have a grow without ever touching your ph meter. I never had any problems or issues with a few rounds messing without adjusting the ph of straight waterings or feedings. But I can tell you in my experience adjusting your ph with advanced ph perfect growing in soil your results are extremely noticeable. I don't know how well it works in a hydro setup or with r/o water but do yourself a favor if using these base nutes with tap water and adjust your ph after mixing your nutes. I know nobody likes advanced but it really is good stuff. They shove marketing down your throat and have way to many products that you don't need but they really are not that much more expensive. If you bought the whole line I could see that adding up in a hurry. Just thought I would throw a little info for anyone using ph perfect

    blackforest Well-Known Member

    my tap is about 7.9 too, after connoisseur A&B the PH goes down to 6.3 which is perfect for my soil grow. What do you re-adjust your PH to?

    Trulife69 Active Member

    basically 5.8-6.3. I dont go to exact ph I get it close and let it drift up and down. Never had a problem. I used to sit there and get it perfect but waste of time. If your ph goes to tha after mixing your gold. The only time I get around 6.3 after mixing nutes is when im feeding at 3/4 dose or more. I feed,feed,water during flower and rarely have a problem with burning..Different strains can be picky with heavy nutes but by the end of flower im feeding full dose or damn near it with a variety of strains. I hear people saying you cant feed full dose with advanced total bogus. I start at about half dose in week 1 and keep upping here and watching for nute burn..If you see a little nute burn back off a touch and all is good.

    Jbone77 Well-Known Member

    I used AN php for the first time my past grow n just out of curiosity have 1 question, how does ur ph set a 6.3 when mine sets at 5.8-5.9 with tap water with a ph of 9, or distilled or ro with a ph of 7? Im not disputing what u say but my ph always sets lower

    Trulife69 Active Member

    Not sure how his always sets at 6.3 but I know mine doesn't,I usually have to ph down to get in range until I start feeding heavy then my ph will be lower

    WhiteRooster Active Member

    My tap water has a pH of 8.2 and when I add Sensi Bloom it drops the pH to 5.6 and I use pH up to get to 6.3 before feeding

    BoogNBuds Member

    I am pretty sure all my nutes are ph neutral, my tap water is around 7 and I just put a tiny bit of phdown like 2ml per 5L, sometimes I give the plant 5.8 water sometimes 7 to try keep it in between is this reccommended?

    Nuikala Well-Known Member

    My tap water is 7.8, i use 5 drops of phosphoric acid to lower ph before i add any nutes or anything. I run AN Connoisseur and calmag. I like to be sure the ph is low enough. So far i have not had to PH anything this last grow, and it was 14 different strains. im now down to 6 flowering. Harvested a 120Gram(wet) cola off a super lemon haze last night....and that was with NO blooming nutes, just sensi grow a+b and some calmag and mollases.

    Jbone77 Well-Known Member

    If your water has a ph of 7.8 you shouldnt have to ph anything, I ran sensi grow/conni with both tap water(ph of 9) and both ro/di water, it alwas set at 5.8-5.9 and held solid with all 3 water types. I stopped checking ph after a few weeks. I had a cal def from the start but once I started using my shitty tap water it was smooth sailing. Try your tap water first, if the ph sets you will have no need for cal/mag or ph down. Just tryin to save ya a few bucks with what I learned.

    Nuikala Well-Known Member

    What i do is, and it seems to work for me ive had not one PH issue at all. When they plants are small and you are using 1-2.5ml/L of nutrient/water I will also use 4-5 drops of AN PHdown for every gallon of water(1 drop per L approx). That is because i cant see how such a small amount of fert could stabilize a large amount of soil. Once I bump my feeding up to 3-4ml/L and im adding the other extras too, then i dont use the PH down.
    A reason peoples ph may be different is due to the REASON the tap water ph is high. Some things are easier to stabilize. Chlorine will evap, but calcium or the like will always be fighting the PHP and drifting your levels alot.. just MHO.
    I ran Sensi Grow A+B PHP last run, all through the grow with no extra blooming fert. Just extra cal mag and molasses and banana nectar. pulled .89G/watt that way with a 600HPS and a few cfl side lights.
    This run i grabbed up some connoisseur A+B, bud blood, big bud and carbo load...Bubblegummer, critical hog, pink kush, strawberry blue, chocolope kush, and romulan diesel this run, 2 weeks into flower. just popped 3 autos too, jack black auto, afghan kush ryder, and rhino ryder. mmmmmmmm

    Oh ya i forgot to add, when the plants are still small, if your having a small ph issue...try watering less amount, more often. I do this during veg if i have a sensitive plant. Less water, more often will hold ph a bit easier. Just remember to do a flush before the flowering stage to remove the buildup, if there is any, before starting flowering nutes....better yet, dont use a pot, use a grow bag, do a 20% flush everytime you water, you cant overwater with a fabric bag, no salt buildups. Use a grocery bag, theyre approx 5 gallons and work amazing. http://www.rollitup.org/indoor-growing/674739-medicated-moment-idea-smart-pots.html heres a post i did on the groceery bags i use.

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