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Advanced Nutrients Sensi PH Perfect Series aint Perfect

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by dgaf757, Mar 18, 2011.


    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    I have a aero DIY cloner and and my main system is DWC

    bangkok101 Active Member

    i tried to make a diy cloner, but i cant find a bucket that will fit around 80 sites thats not leak proof

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    il post some pics of a 40 gal 2x4 cloner you could do 100 if you wanted I use it for 15

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North


    decrimCA Active Member

    Thanks Bangkok101 - well said.

    I feel bad (not really) saying this, but folks, DUH, does anyone really think that a nutrient is perfect????

    Really, I mean, if you think you can just use a nute and it will do everything for you, then you are lazy, not a grower. And if there actually was a nute that could do it all, EVERYONE would be growing. Thank goodness that isn't the case.

    Having said that, nutes work differently for everyone and who knows what people do in their grow room, besides what they say in the forums. I mean, there are plenty of reasons why a grow can not work out as well as you want it to - it's not just the nutes that cause troubles. LOL I know I've caused many a problem in my experience...and I wish I could blame it on the nutes...

    I too have used GH and it's fine, but AN is just much better for my style of growing and my life. Plus, the results are just unbeatable. Yes, nothing's perfect, but really, if it were easy, growing wouldn't be any fun anymore...

    djruiner Well-Known Member

    all i use and have used for the past 2 years is jacks classic.if you have all the key elements and a good npk ratio...thats all you need.all these people go out and spends gobs of money on tons of different chemicals to toss into your plants...its not needed.do some simple research on the basics of plants...learn to read them...and they will grow like champs.if your having to buy an entire line of products....not only are you buying into the hype..but your obviously not getting what you need...if it takes 4-6 bottles of stuff to get the right mix...your not buying the right nutes

    EDIT: also ill mention that jacks classic is ph perfect...least it has been for me.and no not everyone uses it...just most of the best growers on this site and other sites.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    the PH perfect pitch isnt a aimed at a rock solid 5.5 or 5.8 out of the box!! its to allow the plant a wider
    range of nute uptake so a PH range of 5.0 to 6.5 would be fine in hydro. there additive allow the plant to
    live and eat at a much wider range. so adding ph up or down is still a issue and day to day thing.
    they f up and called it ph perect and it should be called something else.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    DynaGro is damn near close. I laugh at this pH perfect concept that AN is trying to roll out when for the last 25 years, DG has already had rock solid pH stability. It doesn't matter if it's my crappy tap water or RO, DG's pH won't budge unless you're 'doing it wrong'.

    Really, if your fertilizer isn't giving your plants what they need, you're using shitty fertilizer.

    There are, but AN figures that if they put enough BS marketing out there, they'll drown out the quality brands that have been around for 25 and 50 years.

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    Saying something over and over doesn't make it true. It doesn't matter if you're repeatedly saying Dyna Grow is great or something else.

    Furthermore, saying the actual truth over and over not only doesn't make it true, it doesn't really increase the likelihood anyone will believe it. Repetition only convinces the speaker, though I can certainly understand the need in that case.

    You have to try the stuff yourself.

    Here's how the psychology of this works - people who use the most expensive of a type of product want to believe that they're getting more for their money because otherwise it's an unnecessary expense, right? Of course if they actually are getting more for their money they tell the exact same story that they will if they're simply trying to convince themselves so you can't tell either way unless you try it yourself.

    The reverse is true of the people who use the cheap stuff. They need to believe that they're really quite clever for not spending more for something that won't give them better results. But again, you can't know whether they're telling the actual truth or only what they really want to believe is the truth because they greatly prefer the self-image of savvy consumer to cheapskate. Again, you've got to try it yourself to know.

    (And of course even then you have to be on guard to try to figure out which you're trying to convince yourself of and try to remain objective and clear-headed which is not always easy or even possible.)

    My experience has told me over and over and over again that the more you try to cut corners the more you regret it down the road. Sure, public transportation is cheaper if you need to get somewhere on vacation, but the more expensive option of a cab is likely to be enough faster and enough removed from the press of humanity forlornly consigned to public transportation (and, apparently, a life without soap) to be well worth the extra cost.

    In my book, the "premium" whatever is nearly always worth the upgrade cost. So of course I struggle to remain objective and evaluate whether that is actually true in each example, but by and large (and in my experience ferts are no exception) it holds true.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Just compare the labels and then tell me which company is cutting corners ;).

    decrimCA Active Member

    Ah, old threads.

    Motherhugger Well-Known Member

    yeah, I stumbled on this too.

    I haven't noticed any iron troubles with AN's pH Perfect lineup, but that's just me.

    I would think that if you had a question like that about a product that you would talk to the tech support department about this problem. I mean, they're the ones that make the products, right?

    I'm not sure if I'd listen to folks on these boards since they aren't actually the ones behind the scenes or in the production department. :)

    danny2980 Member

    Strange. It's been spot on for me plants are so healthy without the hassle of all that ph shit

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