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ACMPR application, confused?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by StayMedicated, Jun 19, 2017.


    StayMedicated Active Member

    So.. I've been signed up threw simcoe holsitic health for about 3 years, and they continue to refuse to help me with the acmpr process. I've been searching and searching and kept getting turned down because i'm under 25.

    Well thankfully I found (Cannascribe) which ended up costing me 500$

    Now the part i'm not sure on... It seems to me they don't fully know how to do this process as they had me email the ACMPR forms i filled out to them completed... My biggest concern is that HC isn't going to accept photo copied forums? I've emailed them and they kinda dodged the question I reallllly don't want them to send it out and me end up getting screwed over 4 months later and it come back returned due to being copies. I've offered to mail them directly to them but haven't heard much back from it.. any ideas? Really don't want to f#@k this process up... I already have a garden going..

    thanks in advance
  2. You have to send hc your original...and I'm already 3.5 month's in waiting for mine

    StayMedicated Active Member

    No, no I understand that part but my Clinic is the one sending my acmpr paperwork to HC along with my Medical Doc, the problem being is they only have photo copies of the whole acmpr application i filled out, not hard copies I can't see HC accepting anything other then an original application in pen not copied correct me if i'm wrong?

    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    I say screw it. I'm just waiting for the recreational law to pass next July rather then deal with a headache. Ill only want to grow 4 plants regardless. Hell. I've started early nobody will ever be the wiser.
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    bcbreeder Well-Known Member

    If youre concerned you could re do the signature pages and send them in yourself as an addendum to the application. Some of the clinics have you sign the forms and email them back then send in the medical doc with it. Last time out I had my clinic send me the medical document then i hand signed to avoid any question raised. Also had my lawyer notarized a copy of every page of the application while the long wait ensues. If a cop came while the licence had lapsed id have the notarized copy
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    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Why not give the clinic the originals ? If you don't HC will just send your registration back as incomplete.
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    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    I have never had to deal with the acmpr so I can't answer your question, but I can offer some advice. I would send the original paperwork to HC yourself...get the clinic to mail you the medical forms. You paid them for it, it is personal health information and they must release it to you.
    Personal Health Information Protection Act

    Purposes, Definitions and Interpretation
    1 The purposes of this Act are,

    (a) to establish rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information about individuals that protect the confidentiality of that information and the privacy of individuals with respect to that information, while facilitating the effective provision of health care;

    (b) to provide individuals with a right of access to personal health information about themselves, subject to limited and specific exceptions set out in this Act;

    (c) to provide individuals with a right to require the correction or amendment of personal health information about themselves, subject to limited and specific exceptions set out in this Act;

    (d) to provide for independent review and resolution of complaints with respect to personal health information; and

    (e) to provide effective remedies for contraventions of this Act. 2004, c. 3, Sched. A, s. 1.

    R.Raider Well-Known Member


    StayMedicated Active Member

    The issue is they might have already sent it out today, I tried to stop it by contacting them but never got a response. They requested I fill out the forms and email them back to them and they would send it out from there along with my medical doc to HC but from what i've heard if it's a photo copied application i'm pretty much SOL and now it already being sent means I would have to wait till it gets returned as a incomplete and then have to do it allll over again this process is insane -.-

    StayMedicated Active Member

    This would work if they didn't send my medical doc to HC already :/ I'm presuming i'm pretty muched f##ked here :/ going to contact them tomorrow and see what happens I guess

    R.Raider Well-Known Member

    Health Canada is anal as fuck and literally looks for reasons to send back apps. After sitting in a pile for a couple months they'll likely send em back, sorry to say.
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    dienowk Well-Known Member

    They will 100% deny your paper work if the forms are not the originals, I hope you can get it sorted with your clinic and get an original script to mail with your original paperwork.
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    StayMedicated Active Member

    That's what I figured, I almost feel like they haven't done a ACMPR application yet just LP's the whole doctor skype session was a mess, Has anyone been with Canascribes?

    This whole process is absolutely insane.. Also I have 2 legal scripts right now how the hell does that work lmao? Got one from simcoe and one for the ACMPR one being 3g/day till next year and the ACMPR being 5g/day lol! xD

    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I'm thinking you should send the originals with a note explaining you had already sent a package and see if that works? I don't have much faith in HC tho... I would take copies of what you send and pin them to the wall of your grow room and get started, it could be a long wait!
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    Rusher Well-Known Member

    You need to get that 500$ back.
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Yeah im in limbo currently too. Hc needs your originals. To speed it up dont say that you need an interem supply, unless you absolutly do, more looops fpr them tp jump through. Just goto your dispensary or go online . And yeah these clinics setting up are bullshit. They charge like crazy for people that dont know how to do it.

    Step one goto any doctor that prescribes, ask around youll find one.

    Go on Hc they have sample forms to fill out.

    Go on Hc and print the 14 ish page document and follow the instructions. And mail it off. Why do ya need the clinic lol.

    Anyways you should call health canada at the number ontop of the form and they will help you out. But they definitly need the original doctor prescription. Not so sure about the application tho.

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    The Dr legally has to give you the original if you request it. They may charge an 'admin fee' but they have to give it to you

    StayMedicated Active Member


    So they havent mailed it yet thankfully! I got this email today "

    Do not worry about it. What Health Canada wants is an original prescription document(which we will have for you), the application forms themselves don't have to be original. But if You feel safer sending us the originals then we will wait to get them and then package everything up. "


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    start growing

    Brewery Well-Known Member

    Tell them to send you the prescription and you'll send it in. It's bullshit that they are holding on to it.
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