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Acid Alone?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by meanbeans, Jul 29, 2010.


    meanbeans Member

    Well,i dont really have the urge, but im wondering, what is it like to do acid alone?And how bad do you look the next day.

    ive done acid once, and we stayed up all night and didnt sleep the next day, so we looked really washed up.I know that i look like a complete retard to sober people on the drug but i dont really care. I loved acid when i took it.

    So if one day my parents were out but back in the middle of the night, if i took some LSD when i woke up, and just chilled and walked around for the day, came back at night, and slept, would i look really washed up still the next day? will my pupils still be huge? or would it be cool.

    inyourhead Member

    if its good acid youll still be trippin the next day lol, when im fucked up and gotta deal with parents i just keep it short. or KISS keep it simple stupid

    ANC Well-Known Member

    My first trip was alone... with my folks in the room next door :O

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    I am in the same boat as ANC, took 3 blotters my first time. LSD should last about 8 - 11hrs with a little residual something for a few hours after, if it is lasting longer than that, you are buying 5-MeO-AMT, DOx's, etc. but it's probably not LSD.

    As to your pupils, physiological symptomatology is strange with LSD, some people experience mydriasis, others myosis, and some have an oscillation between the two. It is said that all physiological side effects are a manifestation of the unconscious mind, so to predict what you will experience physiologically is not really probable.

    Spukoo4U Active Member

    Dropped six Jerry Bear blotter about a month ago and It rocked my world...tripped for about two days! You be ok just make sure the skelotona are out of the closet before you journey on your own! You'll be cool around your parents and you really shouldnt looked too fuked up, have at it first off they would have to prove your REALLY trippin

    meanbeans Member

    they used to do lots of drugs but i could probably just pretend to munch on my jaw and say im on ecstacy if it comes down to it

    rucca Active Member

    lol - this is better how?

    floridasucks Well-Known Member


    acid is fun alone as long as your in a safe place. ive had some nice trips at my house alone before.
    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    I agree. I've had MANY trips alone. Most were when I was living at home with the parents in boonies. No one else around.

    Anyway, for me though, trippin outside was where I had my most powerful experiences. But I've spent many-a-trip staring at my black light posters as well.

    TBH, there really is no real answer to your question. Some people enjoy their trippin solitude and some NEED to be with other people on the same level. It's depends on the individual. But I have to say that if you enjoy trippin, you have to experience it alone at least once. For sure. It's a whole 'nother ball game.

    But that's just my opinion ;)
    Sgt. Floyd

    Sgt. Floyd Well-Known Member

    I enjoy tripping alone. You'll discover things about where you live you didn't now before.

    gogrow confused

    I see no problem with it.... the majority of my trips are alone.... and most of em are some heroic doses.

    schwa Active Member

    I fucking love tripping alone.....

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Come to think about it, most of my trips are alone.... Sure my wife may be in the house, but there tends to be only one of us tripping at a time, with the other looking after security comfort and safety.

    schwa Active Member

    Thats weird in my opinion...I trip all the time with my old lady not tripping but shes not "looking over me" I find that bad trips only happen in your head...I refuse to ever have a bad trip

    JayTrinity Active Member

    I tripped alone one one hit. I just chatted on IRC and drank wine, listened to music,.

    You might be strung out the next day, parents will notice, you might be irritable.

    Why not just save it till your not locked in a room with parents next room?
    Does not appear to be a great idea!

    Why not on the next camping "Trip"?

    skiweeds Active Member

    i like it better alone if im feeling irritated.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Noone is talking about bad trips, we are just talking about reasurance etc. during indian doses. Like sometimes one has the need to just for a moment get a grip on what is real. To make sure we don't get up to something dangerous and so on. We have quite a big house so its more case of checing in on each other than hovering. Although I don;t mind takeing acid with her, acid as social as it can be is also a you alone thing. It hits you so deep at the core that you find yourself alone in the centre of a crowd.
    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    Most of it shit you wish you didn't know.

    I like to trip alone sometimes. I would never trip home alone again. Too boring.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    See that whole boredom thing is part of our conditioning.
    Most people can't handle themselves without external stimulation to distract themselves.

    Many, if not all of us are in denial about certain aspects of our lives/personalities, psycedelics allow you the opportunity to breach this denial and do REAL work on improveing yourself.

    deprave New Member

    I tripped alone quite a few times , if you have done acid quite a bit it can be a pretty boring trip to be honest, I once went to sleep on quite a large dose of acid while I was tripping pretty hard pretty much during the peak out of boredem lol....

    Tripping with other people is a lot more fun IMO cause you can really have some great conversations and that is one of my favorite parts of acid ...the conversations which are basically long ass therapy sessions

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