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acapulco gold

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by treetoker, Aug 10, 2007.


    treetoker Active Member

    need some info about this strain can't really find any or links work better thx appreciate it tree

    joedirt420 Well-Known Member

    Everyone over 50 will tell you its the BOMB!!! I think it was the creme de la creme in the 70s. Most of the old smokers i know list this as the first named stain they had ever smoked. Pretty sure its all sativa, i've smoked some old hippie weed that was crossed with gold and by todays standards it doesnt compare but was one of the first name brand strains and probably started a lot of the interest in breeding. All this i have told you is based on word of mouth and hear-say, from old hippies, not sure of the accuracy of all my statements.

    joedirt420 Well-Known Member


    BloodShotI'z Well-Known Member

    It used to come with seeds...plenty people got their strains started from AG bagseed.

    Slickness420 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to get Acapulco Gold anywhere now?

    trapper Well-Known Member

    acapulco gold came from mexico,colombia,and south america,it got its name from its very golden color,it turned gold because of the way it was dried under the sun.but it was good weed.there was not much to choose from back then thai weed,accapolco gold,panama red,mexican,jamaican alot of oil, colombian weed,blond or red lebanese hash and some black hash you got a seal stamped on it when you bought kilos,it came from nepal and afghan and such,all i remember it all got you high.i wasnt big on flavor i didnt care,or if it made you cough for an hour,it got you high.but when sensi started comeing things changed.
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    james535 Active Member

    colombian gold is the most poweful marijuana in the world and no new strain of sensi can even come close to colombian gold , mexican gold was super strong but diferent high and not as powefull as colombian the red and gold colombian from santa marta is not the same as panama red or mexican gold, dont open your big mouth if all youve done is read books, keep your opinion to your self, the reason that these old strains have faded is the time required to grow them up to 9 months of out door growing time, compare to 4 to 5 months for the new strains, and the yeald as well, it has nothing to do with what is better or stronger, colombian gold is the most powefull strain of marijuana on the planet
    period end of story
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    KillerWeed420 Well-Known Member

    We'll find out. I jus happen to get 4 clones of panama red from an old hippie who's been growing for 40 years. Supposed to be the real thing. I thought the strain was probably long gone.
    southern farmer

    southern farmer Active Member

    james535 look all i have to say to you is shut the fuck up..... all weve done is read books??? i was smoking pot before you were prolly born, and even those who havent can tell you that the old gentics were great, but for you to say ag was the most potent strain ever is truly one of the most stupid things ive heard in a long time.the fact of the matter is ive smoked af's that were more potent than the old school panama, ag, or columbians i used to get. maybe you should read a book or something

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    I asure you my friend Alcapuco gold and Columbian red was a potent strain. I smoked it in boot camp in the states. Never went to VietNam but saw all the other dudes bringing back cut off ears from the Veitameses people. They held em up in the jars so everyone could see. Their pot was awesome, thier WAR sucked for all our boys. They would bring back something called tye sticks, POTENT buds wraped around a small bamboo shoot wrap with a small spirall a strip of bamboo. One stick would amount to 2 small joints that we smoked only half with two people and got baked.
    I have found todays reefer to be even better but back then that shit was good.:blsmoke:
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    JakeStoner Active Member

    AMEN to that !!!

    james535 Active Member

    first of all fuck boy, im 50 and ive been smoking weed since i was 13 years old, so i dont think you been smoking before i was born son lol.
    second i have been breading cannabis strains for the last 30 years of my life, i helped the now sensi seed bank develope strains and trated many strains with them when then were the one and only seed band in the world under the name of SEED BANK OF HOLLAND, i have not only smoked but have grown almost every modern strain out there and im growing them now as well, because they are very good ,produce well, and short growing times, and i can tell you that not one strain of any seed bank or any strain that i have created can even come close to pure colombian gold grown out doors to full maturity with out seeds, nothing in this world`
    and third i did not say acapolco gold , i said colombian gold , they are not the same strain, guarero gold from acapolco mexico is very nice but not the power of colombian gold , now dont go telling me what you have smoked boy because i am a master grower and a judge of marijuana strians
    i wish i had s joint to send you just to show you there is much you dont know
    sure no one can sow the seed in april and harvest in late november to harvest 300 gr. of cured bud, when you can have 500 to 600 gr in 4 months from modern strains , they are great i agree, but dont go telling people how the old school weed was ok for the times lol, but no longer holds a candle to modern weed strains , that is the biggest bunch of shit i ever hurd in my life and its obvios you dont know jack shit about the subject, so chill out jack and lear a few things
    have a nice day next lesson comming soon

    james535 Active Member

    and next time dont go repeating what you reed from some stupid book that some asshole is just making money from you buying it, and is not worth the time you spent to read it,keep that shit to your self ,people dont need missinformation on the subject of marijuana from people like you jack dick head

    james535 Active Member

    first mexican gold did not come from colombia and colombian gold did not come from mexico they are two diferent strains,
    now that we have that straight, the famous SKUNK #1 is a high breed strain of Colombian gold, Mexican gold and Afgani indica, the original californian Humbolt, was a cross of mexican guarero gold and afgani,the Haze is Colombian gold , mexican gold, thai, and south indian sativa,
    as you can see todays strains try to take the very best available to produce high caliber marijuana high breeds, why do you think every one always use colombian gold ? mexican gold? you think they like the color ? lol, its because they were the very best, they gave a true energetic high
    up high, todays weed all gets you stoned, you can get high no more, that pure sativa high is long gone, only shadows of it exist in todays highbreeds, and the Haze witch is the only strain that comes even close to that type of high, is miles away from pure colombian gold, on a acale of one to ten colombian gold is a 10 + and the haze is a 6 at best
    just to give you a comparison

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Love to get my hands on dis smoke and buy a hp.

    BigFatDubieMan Member

    oi james and trapper seriusly my first smoke of weed was a cone of realy crap outdoor (not saying outdoor growing is bad in fact i grow outdoor mostly) it blew me away whereas nowadays iv only ben able to get the same results with white rhino so i think potency opinions change between people and how long theyve been smoking so chill out and share the love fellow smokers/growers peace

    huffypuffy Active Member

    Too make pot the most psycho-active, time is a factor somehow and that the longer it flowers in high intensity sun, the more trippy the weed. The indicas flower too fast too maximize psycho-active effects. So you take the longest flowering plant to the area where the sun is most intense at harvest time. So my assertion is whichever plant takes longest to flower has the potential to be the most psychedelic. You pros agree?

    ecyrba Member


    CrackIsWack Well-Known Member

    I been smoking since I was born, man.

    I can smoke anything, man

    I smoke that Michoacan, man, Acapulco Gold, man.

    I even smoke that tied stick, you know?

    Tied stick?

    That stuff that's tied to a stick.

    Gotta love cheech nd chong

    JoeCa1i Well-Known Member

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