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AC units VS dehumidifiers ?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by charlesweedmore, Jun 9, 2009.


    charlesweedmore Well-Known Member

    are AC units good at dehumidifiying as well as a dehumidifier ?

    the temp is 85F in my grow tent and even i dont want to 1 F more heat. there is an exhaust on the back of AC units and exhaust of a AC unit is very hot.i can exhaust it outisde of house.however,a dehuey doesnt have a exhaust. so will a dehuey blow slightly dehumidified warm air ?as i said, in my grow tent, temp is 85F and even i cant endurance 1 F more heat.

    can i use a mobile 9000btu AC unit instead of a dehuey ?

    Quickee Well-Known Member

    dehumidifiers will create more heat..and heat is an issue for you sooo you will have to go with a/c unit..plus an a/c unit takes the humidity out of the air and cools

    charlesweedmore Well-Known Member

    AC unit didnt solve my humidity problem. RH is still 55% even while AC is running at " dry " mode .
    i have to buy A dehumidifier imo :(

    nuera59 Well-Known Member

    my ac is quite small and will take my room down 20 odd at full power. But Fu*k me the exhaust is ROASTING.

    Mystik Active Member

    I have a GE airconditioner that has a dehumidifier mode
    seems to work well.

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    Dehumidifiers exhaust fairly significant amounts of heat.The best would be to have air from the room go into the dehumidifier intake and exhaust outside the grow room.

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