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? about outdoor container size

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by zorkan, Apr 9, 2010.


    zorkan Active Member

    what is a good container size for growing marijuana to full potential.... no rootbound

    sodalite Active Member

    20-30 gallons. but it realy depends on the plant. big plants will fill 30 gallons with roots no prob.

    Uvalax Active Member

    full potential......as big as possible

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    Here in NCali many use 100 -300gal 'smart pots'.
    Full potential = 5+ lbs!


    Good luck!

    SkunkoneSRH Well-Known Member

    dont use them.

    plant in ground. the world is your bucket
    Cali chronic

    Cali chronic Well-Known Member

    to answer your question in a real world with limited space----LOL I would love to have a tree like that one dbl J
    Depends on how tall you can go---if you are going to go typical 4-6 ft then a 3 gallon Nursery pot will do the trick, although I use 5 gallon ones in spite of the bible says no real difference in yield from a 3- 5 gal pot, Plenty of holes for venting. If I were using that big boy JJ has I would pop a french drain into the medium for good aeration. I take the 5 gallon nursery pots with the 6 holes around the edge and pop 3 more in the bottom with a 7/8's spade tip. No root bound, no rot, great fast flushes.
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    if you grow in containers outside, you should have pretty much unlimited access. those things can dry up quickly, and if you're not able to get out there to water........

    roundplanet Well-Known Member

    Just bought fifty 10 Gallon Camo bags, they seem like there going to be ok. My preference is in the ground, best bucket ever made. The camo bags are actually for my short ryders, and diesel ryders, as they tend to stay small. Good luck with your grow.

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