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A true United States Strain???

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DMG3528, Aug 2, 2007.


    DMG3528 Well-Known Member

    Quick question for everyone?
    Does the US have a true strain?
    You always hear about this plant came from (blah) and this plant came from(blah).
    So do we have any strains?:confused:

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    i dont know really, and this belongs in the strain and seed section dude, ur asking about strains hense why this would belong in the strain section

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    dude there is an ass crack load of strains from the usa. ask cali-high I heard him ramble them off once in a post on here.

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    Dindn't some of the purps come from California? I'm pretty sure there's a lot of strains that have been developed here.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    sure buds been developed here into different strains

    but if your talking landrace breeds

    no, its america
    we import everything until we can make it our own... lol

    Erniedytn Master of Mayhem

    LOL...yeah...and if that doesn't work we just invade the country that made it originally and call that our own..LMAO

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    lol ^^ true how do u think we get our oil

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    i hate it...

    i say
    drain alaska

    that'd buy us some time, and save us some money, and some human lives (sorry wildlife)... while we work on alternative fuels (how bout something renewable... hemp anyone?)

    Erniedytn Master of Mayhem


    Sabud Well-Known Member

    agreed. cars running on hemp oil
    Plato Is Boring

    Plato Is Boring Well-Known Member

    DMG, NL was developed here in Washington.

    DMG3528 Well-Known Member

    NL is Northern Lights, correct?
    I know that this is supposed to be in the seed and strain area, I just wanted to talk.
    So Sabed I will try to correctly place my post's from now on.....
    That said.
    I Wonder What the oldest breed that originated in the US.
    NL is a rather new breed?, in the last 20 years?
    I have never had what I can be sure was NL.
    So how does that work? all we have to do is isolate favorable traits in two strains.
    Cross breed then back breed until we have new parent's that have all the traits we want, then we have to backboard and backboard until we weed out all of the genetic anomalies.
    Does that sound close at all.
    Total time: 5 or 10 years.
    No wonder we dont have that many.
    Do we have any Domestic underground seed company's?
    This has become an obsession of mine, not starting a seed company,but strain development.
    Is there any online info. on this topic?
    I am a newb. so I dont really know the in's and out's of breeding.
    Mostly trial and error..... Just like everything else....LOL
    Come on guys it is not like you haven't thought of breeding a strain on your own....
    What can we do as far as combinations of strains?
    What is the difference between a strain and a breed?
    I mean could you combine a Haze strain(Neville's) with say JD's (LowRider #2)?
    Will genetic traits cancel each other out?
    What traits cannot be crossed?
    I have tried to contact some of the seed company's with these questions?, That went well...
    Just wondering...............

    DMG3528 Well-Known Member


    DMG3528 Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the spelling..
    This spell check is more trouble then it's worth.;)

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