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a small hydro cab(blueprints needed :D)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by iSmoke4Fun, Jul 25, 2010.


    iSmoke4Fun Active Member

    well i wanna build a small cab for personal stash this fall
    max height 120cm or 47 inch
    max depth 45cm or 17

    i wanna grow around 10-15 small plants hydro and need u to help me with a few things
    1. what lights?
    2.what ventilation&odor control
    3.what else do i need?
    Tee Five

    Tee Five Active Member

    Here's a link to a grow Journal Im subbed to on this site.


    I think this is a pretty good cabinet hydro-grow.

    Should be close to what you are after.

    (it's less than 15 plants though...but still should give you an idea of what you might be looking at in terms of mats and whatnot)

    iSmoke4Fun Active Member

    thanks bu im really a noob in the building things lol need someone to gimme the measurements and the euipmen list and the ret should be possible for me to make (carpenter for the cab and a friend would drill the holes i need :D

    iSmoke4Fun Active Member

    why is it so hard in here to get help

    gumball Well-Known Member

    Because some ppl expect you to do a little leg work yourself. You could at least look at a well documented grow journal and copy it.

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