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A score at the thrift store...

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by StarfallSeven, Aug 14, 2013.


    StarfallSeven Member

    So my wife loves dragging me to thrift stores. Every now and then I'll find a few good fantasy books and such, but usually I'm sitting in the car impatiently while my wife makes me wait as long as she possibly can.

    Well, on my way out today I just happen to look down, and what do I see sitting there?


    Well damn, I think to myself "surely that thing is going to cost way more than it's worth"... you thrifters know what I'm talking about. One of those places where almost everything is damn near unaffordable.

    So I walk my happy ass over and see a price sticker... $12.50. I get the thing to the clerk asap and ask about returns and if it works and such, I end up taking it over and plugging it up... boom, works like a charm. Then I notice two stickers for $25 bucks on top (still a good deal). I say something like "shoot", barely catching my tongue. Well, the lady starts talking about a woman walking around with it that must have thought about pulling a fast one with a different price sticker, and I don't know if she could see the hope fleeing through my eyes or not, but I end up snagging this baby for the $12.50.

    A little Caesars, headshop, and family visit later, and I'm already plotting what to do with this baby.

    Now was that a score or what?

    2rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    We love antique/junk/thrift/closeout stores.

    We've found lots of good deals thru the years but the best so far are these two:

    A barely used Dyson animal DC41 vac that had some stuff hung up in it, that I cleaned out and it works like a champ. We paid 24.99. It is 599.00 at Walmart.


    Deal number 2:

    My husband was shopping in a big close out kind of place that buys all kinds of stuff. Its about like a department store with lots of clothes, books, cds , bridal gowns, expensive beautiful exotic rugs and anything you can think of. Hubs is strolling along and sees this box on a shelf and does a double take... is that what he thinks it is?

    On the shelf is a brand new in the box volcano vaporizer. It has a yellow sticker on the side that says Amsterdam and all that is missing is the kit that goes with it, the bowl the mouthpiece for the bag etc. It is the old school style(Volcano classic) with the turn dial instead of digital. Hubs bought it for 200 dollars. We were looking at them in the past and they were $550. I ordered the kit to go with it and we have enjoyed it ever since!!


    I couldn't care less about going to the Mall but you turn me loose in a junk store and I am one happy camper!!

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