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A List of plants that look like Marijuana

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mainegho, Apr 20, 2007.


    mainegho Well-Known Member

    someone had given me a reputation boost for a post with a couple plants in a thread so i thought I would try a more complete list.

    If anyone has any has any that I have not listed please add them.


    Jatropha multifida


    false Aralia




    Texas Star Hibiscus


    Tagetes minuta


    Japanese Maple


    Ok 12 AM I am off to bed, I will post more pics tomorrow

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    very nice pics. thanks.
    Chosen Dutches

    Chosen Dutches Active Member

    I have a Japanese Maple growing at the moment in my greenhouse where my 2 MJ plants are at.

    mainegho Well-Known Member

    thanks fdd2blk, it is only a partial list right now, but hopefully we can give everyone some cover ideas to hide thier plants. Oh I thought it would be funny to get every kind of these plants growing in my yard for a year or two and then mix bud in with them after that.

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    i have found that stinging nettle is a good plant to hide in, don't quote me on this but im pretty sure they are related pretty closely, the leaves don't look the same but the individual blades do, as well as the general plant structor. As an added bonus, they grow in the same areas weed flourishes and give you some horrible itchy welts, wich will help to keep rippers away from your crop.
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    mainegho Well-Known Member

    Very nice, I would like to import a crap load of that to my outdoor grow spot. :)
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    7xstall Well-Known Member

    blackberry vines are also similar. if it didn't like such acidic soil i'd cultivate that stuff near crops, natural barbed wire!

    thanks for the good post!


    hearmenow Well-Known Member

    I was reading up today on trichomes and resin production. One site mentioned benefits from planting the stinging nettle alongside the cannabis plant. Apparently, for reasons beyond me, the stinging nettle "encourages" the cannabis plant to produce lots more resin, resulting in bigger buds.
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    Beaner Well-Known Member

    they are related, thats why you can't eat uncooked pot without getting a stomoch ache, once i took a few buds form my grow and stuck them under my shirt as i walked out of the woods, when i got home my stomoch was covered in welts. not as painfull but definatly related, as for bigger buds, i seriously doubt that could be true... but ya never know.

    dbl319 Active Member

    There's a couple of plants growing my back yard that have leaves I could swear are identical to marijuana, at least at first glance. I spoke with a grower friend of mine, and he said that likely the only way to differentiate them is to examine the serrations on the leaves.

    While I'm not a grower myself, I'm dying to figure out what this plant is. If anyone could help me identify it, it'd be appreciated. Definitely not any of the plants shown above, and not False Aralia either.

    I've been a smoker for years and even so I really can't tell the difference. Will try to post some pics up soon.

    EDIT: Been Googling Aralia, it's definitely some form of that plant but I can't figure out which.

    patch0i Well-Known Member

    i think the japanese maple is the closest if it didn't have that brown trunk.

    zing Active Member

    Great info. I need to hide my rhino in my garden. Thanks for the help.-Zing

    ILoveUMaryJane Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i'd say Japanese maple - Acer palmatus (I think) is the best look alike.
    Stinging nettles would be great for any outdoor grower, the deterrant, and the similar growth pattern would be a good combo. As for encouraging growth, there's a possibility, maybe to do with rhizomes or something

    dbl319 Active Member

    Yep, I did some asking around and it is a Japanese Maple growing in my backyard. Dwarf maple I think, something like that.


    Pretty much exactly what my plant looks like. Seems to be another great plant you could use for hiding your real crop. :D

    mainegho Well-Known Member

    Yes the Japenese Maples are very close matches, the ones I have always seen have had a red leaf though, and not really that bright indica green that the mary jane has.

    DerKiffer Active Member

    Certain species of passion flower have leaves that look very quite similar (passiflora caerulea for instance). The thing also has these amazing looking flowers and is a vine which could very well be very useful for the hiding of the true crop.

    tydy333 Active Member

    I also found a plant in my back yard that looks exactly like marijuana same leaf pattern same color they just don't get as large. Would love to know what it is. Ill try and get some pics on soon.

    gogrow confused

    in my opinion, cleome is the closest in looks. the growth pattern is even the same; when it starts to flower tho, its obvious that it isnt weed. beautiful flowers and before the flowers, it smells kinda skunky like pot.

    slamminsalmon Well-Known Member

    cleome stinks like buds too!

    gogrow confused

    i'd say smells sweet like buds:mrgreen:

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