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A How to from Mane**(How To order seeds the best way)***

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by mane2008, Sep 12, 2008.


    heelzballer Well-Known Member

    Wanted to see if there are any updates to US seed depots again. I know some companies can be here today gone tomorrow situations. Currently only bought from Greenpoint state-side. Thanks for any info.

    alaskaman Active Member

    Just stumbled upon this thread and was surprised to see how long it's been going. Also liked seeing how things have changed over the years. I used to anxiously wait for my orders to come into the states making it through customs.

    This week I received on Tuesday an order I placed last Friday from James Bean Company. Now that's about as fast as it gets for this neck of the woods. Am very impressed with these guys. Plus they still had the TGA seeds I'm so fond of. TGA burned to the ground not long ago in CA and their seeds might be getting harder to buy in the future. Sorry for their loss. Just love their marion berry kush ... tasty and ooosh so strong!

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