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9x9 room...what is the best setup for highest yield??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by zlangrt, Jan 22, 2010.


    zlangrt Well-Known Member

    i have a 9x9 room and unlimited capital. whats the best setup for highest yield??

    zlangrt Well-Known Member


    clift709 Member

    Are you looking to do a SOG or SCROG? What size plants do you want, bunch of sativas or indica? What's the ceiling height? What are the conditions for ventilation? Sorry to answer a question with a question but I'm trying to help!

    hymem Well-Known Member

    If you want the highest yield run two 4x8 tables using either a drip or ebb and flow. Run 2 - 1000W lights above each 4x8 table spaced evenly. You can run a 70gal res for each 4x8 table. It will be a super tight fit so you should set up the room ahead of time for draining and filling your 70gal res's. SOG is the way to go because you will have no room to SCROG efficiently. As for strains you need a heavy short fat early indica like afghani. If you set everything up right and get the proper genetics you could push 7 - 8lbs in that room. Genetics are the most crucial element... but thats just my opinion. Good luck.

    zlangrt Well-Known Member

    can i hand water those tables and be ok???

    sourdieselismyonlyfriend Active Member

    well "Z" he is tryng to steer you towards hyrdo it sounds like.. which makes things alot easier ut i suppose you cold do dirt and hand water them, it would be quite tedious though. that many plants.
    Ole Budheavy

    Ole Budheavy Well-Known Member

    unlimited funds? Well you should buy those water cooled lights. They operate best with a reservoir and chiller. Then of course buy a bichin' set of controllers like sentinel, cap or harvest master and incorporate co2 and you'll grow a ton, doesn't matter if you do soil or hydro, those water cooled lights can be placed so close to the canopy is amazing.

    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    My 2 pennies

    each side of room has 1 6x3 and 1 3x3 so all in all 2 3x6 and 2 3x3
    Run 50 plants per 3x6 and 25 per 3x3 all in 1 gal pots with hydroton or lava rock.
    2x100 gal ez drain rezis-3x 1000 watt lights in a/c hoods per side so ^^6000 watts total
    veg,lolipop-hydrogen c02 moniter$250+tank @1500 ppms badaboom lotsa herb.

    johnny12r Well-Known Member

    2 1000w hps growing big bud in hempy buckets if you don't want to do hydro.i'd say 20-25 3 gallon buckets would be a nice fit. they can get 5 ft tall easy in 3 gal.you could pull some nice weight from that.with out doing 100 small plants in a hydro set up

    hymem Well-Known Member

    Probably not enough room. You should just set it up automatically with a timer, it will be much less work.

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