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9th Week of Flowering and bud leaves are turning yellow... Help!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by FirstGrow42O, Aug 3, 2011.


    FirstGrow42O Member


    i know leaves turning yellow are normal coming close to harvest but literally all leaves, (fan leaves and bud leaves), are turning yellow. and the reason i am worried is because i heard all dead or dying leaves must be fully removed or it will cause mold!?

    Should i harvest now?, even with two weeks left on this strain? to prevent further yellowing?

    any help will be GREATly apreciated.

    So am i stuck with painstaking pulling and plucking of each individual leaf?


    sworth Well-Known Member

    Have a plant, eight weeks in flower that looks similar....should i be concerned as well now?

    woodydude Active Member

    Yellowing is normally down to lack of nitrogen. In your case, this is a good thing since it is so close to harvest.
    You say 2 weeks to go, How do you know? Is this on the seed sellers website? If so, this is a guide. The only sure way to tell if a plant is ready to harvest is the trich colour. Get a jewellers loupe or 30X+ microscope and check the colour.
    I would like to see a pic of the bud behind the one in focus on that pic, especially the yellow parts.
    There are lots of brown hairs there, which is good but the number of pure white pistills is a bit concerning.
    How many plants do you have?

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    That's perfectly fine!!, woodydude speaks the truth, that's what a proper flush should look like the plant is using all the nutes from itself, that's going to be some smooth tasty smoke. What is that some type of haze?


    Flushing in soil is not necessary, Yellowing is NOT normal.
    you don't starve the race horse 2 weeks before the race.
    the plant is doing everything to try and carry on living and procreate and your trying to kill it. Doesn't make sense.
    don't take this personally, but that plant looks like shit.

    watchhowIdoit New Member

    Yellowing late in flower is cannabis forum BS. There is nothing natural about it, a totally manmade situation. Your plant looks like it has more than 2 weeks to go. It is starving to death but there is not much you can do about it now. This is what a plant should look like near harvest. And I am most certain the smoke will be smooth and full of flavor....flushing is also a total cannabis forum myth. Keep em green till the end....

    HPIM3926.JPG Starving your plants the final few weeks when they put on the most bulk and resin is just insane......

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    @ 8/9 weeks into flower most strains will start to yellow, that's a sign N once stored is being used for bud production. As far metaphors go, do old people still have the same metabolism level as younger people? No they don't! the same with plants that's why we reduce the N levels during flowering, you're passing out the bad info ask anybody? I'm not saying you can't harvest a greener plant but don't say this info is BS or wrong especially telling people they don't have to flush in soil, if they're using synthetic nutes shit they better flush. How can somebody tell you how your weed should look unless you grow the same one, there's hundreds of strains some are low, some are high yielders.
    Does this look like it's underfed I just harvested her last nite and she hasn't eaten in 3 weeks:

    Attached Files:



    Not how I finish. Leaching out nutes that you overfed with is called trying to fix a problem. Feeding the plant just what it needs, it would not need to be Leached. and what you call flushing,really isn't flushing out what you think it is.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Its unhealthy, obviously and underfed. This will reduce final weight. Keep fan leaves as healthy and as green as possible right up till harvest.
    Get better quality flowering nutes next time.
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    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    haha straight at to the point mark huh

    PeacefulKid1992 Well-Known Member

    you flush 2 weeks before to get all the nutes out so ur weed wont taste nasty with nutes. i seen alot of peoples leaves that turn yellow cuz it sucks the nitrogen to the buds. i couldnt tel u the other stuff, i never got to that point. hope this helps a bit :)

    woodydude Active Member

    If keeping them green til the end is how you do it, how do you explain the yellowing on the plant you are bragging about???
    The plant you posted is yellowing lower down and has signs of nutrient burn along most of the fan leaves.

    In the final few weeks, carbs, phosphorous, pottasium are what is needed for bud development, not nitrogen. This is not my opinion, it is that of Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes, maybe you have heard of them.
    I agree, the plant shown in the pic on this thread does not look great, my first thoughts were that it has been pollenated due to the contrast in pistil colours, the yollow areas in the background looked like large nanners and the general slimness of the buds.

    I also agree with some of what you said about flushing, I have never flushed except when I have had a major over fert problem. I have always fed until harvest but I am more of a hydro guy. I find soil dirty and the soil guys I know personally didnt have a garden to play in when they were kids :P

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    That's you, And who really knows how much a plant needs? - if I fix you something to eat I might put too much or not enough food on your plate! I use dry organic nutes and the plant cuts the nutes on her own, during the grow I foliar spray with seaweed(Nitrozyme), and give it a few castings teas w/ molasses in flower and I'm good, I've always used yellowing as a indicator that harvest time was approaching soon. Read the Cannabible by Jason King he disagrees with you as well.

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    my plants don't yellow in the end because my nutrients are balanced through flower House and garden you use the same mix of A and B the whole time there is no drop in nitrogen so my plants stay nice and green all the way through. it doesnt make sense when you guys freakout over nute def all the way up to the end then you say its cool lol?!? that is the most critical part is the last few weeks why would you want the plants starving for anything

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    I never flush my weed, I don't have to! I use an enriched mix {my spin on a super soil} nothing but water and an occasional tea, there are plenty of nutes available my plants stop taking them up on their own I don't force shit with my plants but the photoperiod, I want to smoke the best weed, not have the most weed; if that was the case I'd grow hydro. It's really starting to amaze me how many people in the world don't have access to/ or never smoked some GOOD organic weed, this shouldn't even be a debate.

    And I have some plants of the same strains that don't yellow at harvest, NEVER said that was a deal breaker, but alot of people are size kings, so go right ahead and do your thang, ain't say nothing was wrong with what you do but don't say what shouldn't happen to a plant, just cause you don't do it in your grow.

    I grow for ultimate quality not size, you may say I'm wasting electricity and time, but I say the same about you.

    watchhowIdoit New Member

    Sorry, no nutrient burn and yes a few of the very lowest leaves are beginning to yellow but more from a lack of light rather than food. I have heard of them but rarely listen too them. For not needing N for flowering plants sure do cannabilize themselves of N when not fed a proper diet, going into and during, flowering. If the plant is not using it for growth where is it going?

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    Naw brah! your buds are pulling the N out of your well fed plants too, that's to uniform a color loss to be caused by the lights IMHO. " You can take a dog to water but you can't make them drink it," seems like if the plants don't want something, then why would people give it to them anyway? Y'all could have saved a little cash in the long run by not having to use as much nutes. Ever since I've read the Cannabible by Jason King I've let my plants yellow towards the end of flower my erb has been of the highest quality ever since. And if I'm not mistaken Sub likes his plants to yellow as well!
    These are the pros, and I want professional quality erb so if sacrificing a couple grams will get it......so be it.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    All plants do this when they are ready up the light on your next grow alot of weight has been lost through either lack of light or no the right ammount of nutes...........................tyke

    hydrochronics10874 Member

    ive only used a 4 gallon tote per plant and i only use 2 gallons of water and check em every day cause its what i love to do but i only use a max of 1 tsp per gallon and no more and have great results and hardly use any nutes and mine stays green all the way through exept for a few fan leaves on bottom and around the buds at about 2 weeks to harvest so since i dont have to use that much nutes last week to harvest i use only ph'd water and they are pulling the nitrogen pretty good by harvest time with a few yellow leaves and buds taste great!

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