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8th week flowering, slow bud growth

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by rhiankellen, Mar 24, 2008.


    rhiankellen Active Member

    Im past my 8th week of flowering and the buds are forming, but they are growing very slowly. The buds have developed the white hairs, but they are already starting to turn brown and arent bushing out with crystals. Im using 8 40 watt cfls, and two 100 watt halogen floods. The temps are around 75 in light and 65 in dark. They get ferts once a week. Can anyone make a guess at why my plants could be growing so slowly?

    buttledge89 Active Member

    you might check the ph of you soil. ph can throw a plant completly out of wack.

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member

    You CAN'T grow with halogen lights. While they do put out alot of lumens, it is the spectrum that the plants DO NOT NEED! Also they are just HEAT MONSTERS! Get rid of them. If you are strapped for cash, buy more cfl's, if you have at least $30 buy a "SunBlaze" light strip (T5 HO 6500k), those are made for growing. Also your light spectrum may be totally wrong for budding. When vegging you need 6500k, when flowering you need like around 3400k, some say even as low as 2300k. It is definatly your lighting. I had plants outside, in the shade, and the same thing happend to them. ITS ALL ABOUT LIGHTING. Check out the GrowFAQ on what lights to use. Incandescant, and halogen are definate NO NO's. Good luck, keep us updated.

    TheBigLebowski Active Member

    Yeah BA's got the goods...swap that puppy out with a few more CFL's. The 42w ones are working well for me so far.

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