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7-8 weeks flowering. Fighting seeds/nanners...decision to chop questions.

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Tiky, Jan 24, 2014.


    Tiky Active Member

    Hi I have a plant that is currently at day 54 flowering, possibly a few days longer but basically I’m at the tail end of week 7 going into week 8. I am growing a SINGLE plant but its pretty huge, grown LST with a ton of large colas. Trichs are basically 100% cloudy right now so I think I’m about a week out.

    While I’m pretty sure I don’t have light leak issues, I’ve seen nanners appearing since around week 6. This was a bagseed so some herm traits could certainly have been genetic. This is not a true herm as it has no full male flowers, just nanners.

    Unfortunately, its not just one or two but many nanners. I’ve been diligent in picking them off but of course, some slipped past me. I can already see some small clusters of seeds on 2-3 colas but a good number don’t yet appear to be showing signs of pollination but its honestly hard to tell as this is the same time hairs naturally go brown and calyx swell so its very hard to know whats been pollinated by looking until its too late. My gut tells me that with fans blowing around in my room, I could have had more pollination that I’m currently aware.

    Here are my questions:

    -I am at the end of week 7. Do buds ever get past a point where they can no longer be pollinated or are they viable to be pollinated right up until the end of their lifespan?

    -Does the presence of seeds actually decrease potency in any way? Or is it mainly just an annoyance to pick them out?

    -Once a plant is beginning to form seeds of ANY volume, will the remaining bud that hasn’t been pollinated continue to swell and put out trichs or will the entire plant switch into seed generation mode the minute a few buds get pollinated?

    In general I am trying to make the decision to cut now or let it go another week. If the plant will not swell or ripen more due to these seeds, I’ll cut now to avoid further seed generation of any pollination that might have occurred in the last 1-2 weeks. If the unpollinated buds will continue to develop and ripen, I will probably just let it continue and deal with a small number of seeds as I’d prefer to let the “good” buds mature fully.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Once you have seeds you have a drop in THC, the more seeds the greater the drop, why you persisted with this hermie is your concern perhaps as you only wanted to grow one plant...? but many here and me would have trashed the hermie long ago and continued with the other plants, once done with the herm ensure you remove all pollen from the grow site as to prevent future herms pollinating, check for light leaks or consult you grow diary ....you do have a grow diary?

    Tiky Active Member

    The single plant wasn't by design...I started 4, 2 were males, one later had odd genetic stunting so I was left with one large female.

    Sound like I should chop now...

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Yeah ...chop now, but clean up that hermie pollen ...lol

    azman Active Member

    i never grow from seed for this exact reason, its a gamble.
    im not one for gambling.

    dthemcp New Member

    I had a female go hermie in my past grow, what a whore she was. Went in one day to water my "girls", grabbed one of my nice looking plants, pulled her out, and poof, a cloud of dust flew off the plant into the path of the fan. At first I didn't realize wtf it was, but when I threw it on the examination tray, BAM, my heart dropped into my sack, my worst nightmare staring back at me, a full blown chick with balls, many balls. The other 7 plants had been raped by a cloud. This happened around week 4-5 and just about every cola had ripe seeds at harvest, even the plants/buds that looked unaffected the whole time me. Imo, if i had to guess, this also affected my yield/quality/potency, since the few buds here and there that weren't pollinated, do seem stronger smelling and more potent.

    Rambro Active Member

    it wont hurt to let it go another week, and in my experience some of the best smoke ive had came from a seed run. i think people just dont want seeds because seeds contribute a lot of weight but cant be sold/smoked, and people just associate seeds in bud to being mexican brick weed that wasnt grown well.

    BigL3371 Active Member

    I just had this same thing happen in my grow...I f*cked up big time...I had a clone given to me of the best bud i ever grew...Royal Queen Sour Diesel. I decided to grow two bag seeds along with this grow for one main reason. The sour is a sativa and I wanted to grow it out for the full 12 weeks. I figured id do two bag seeds to prove to a friend that you can get a female seed out of bagseed. I expected to get one male out of the two and got two females...at least i thought...everything was lovely til around week 6 when i noticed seed sacks in the buds of one of the bagseeds and spidermites!!!!...then after checking all the plants...including the sour...they all had seeds starting from the bottom...the top of the plants seemed unaffected... check out my grow...
    I removed all plants to the bathroom and bleached down my tent 3 days straight... Went to home depot and got some Natria Neem Oil to take care of the mites...That stuff is awesome...got rid of them in one day...but sprayed them 3x a day for 2 days to make sure the eggs they lay were destroyed as well...I harvested the one bagseed i figured started the whole thing...just hung the other one yesterday and i will chop the sour tomorrow... What a disaster! Luckily I took 3 clones of the sour so i have a second chance...I absolutely know that this is one strain that i will keep going. I also am going to keep some seeds from that sour plant because its a cross of the sour and the two different bagseeds...maybe the sour will stabilize the seed and it will be a female and not hermie on me...Oh yea...ive had the sour in darkness for almost 2 weeks now...only went 7 weeks out of the 12...but i can't continue it due to the seeds...looks ok though... 95.jpg

    Stompromper Well-Known Member

    Seeds do not cause a drop in thc.. It's been speculated and maybe tested by now, that a plant that has been seeded has a wider range of cannabinoid profile because it actually finished its life out doing what is was supposed to do.

    Nanners are common in late flower with some strains and all most unavoidable. I've had them with some of the best genetics including Serious AK47, Sannies Sugar Punch, NYCD. and right now with G13 Labs Pineapple express.. RARELY do they cause seeds.

    Now if you have a true herm and it spawns all over your fems then ya u have seedsbut let them go the smoke will still be excellent.

    Sand4x105 Well-Known Member

    Exactly.... It is what it is... Total loss...
    No way...
    More work....
    For Sure.... pick those Nanners off twice daily....
    Save the seeds.... Ya never know....
    And dry and cure MJ normally....
    I had a plant with really good bud on it get seeded [outside/Cali] from Idiot Neighbors Hermie...
    He had planted 6 seeds in his back yard...
    Five came up 3 were male... one didn't come up until four weeks left in bud...
    Threw Nanners and I got millions of seeds.... ok thousands....
    What ya gonna do?

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