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600w HPS or 400w MH for veg???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nuudle, Mar 27, 2009.


    nuudle Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a 400 mh and a 600 hps.. I am 3 weeks into veg under a 400w hps.. Out of the three, what would you guys suggest.
    Also i got a Sun systems hood with a slot for glass. What kind of glass should I get, plate or tempered? Thanks peace....:peace:

    nuudle Well-Known Member

    forgot to mention, 9 plants in a 3x5x8 tall room..
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    I wonder why you would buy the mh and hps, if your using the hps for vegging ? You should either use full spectrum for both .. or veg with the mh and flower with hps ... that way you always have plants in flower ..

    demonic1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, use the mh for veg and the 600 hps for flowering. Also use the tempered glass if you can. Only for safety reasons. Tempered is heat treated and shatters like you see with car windows (breaks into thousands of little pieces) but is a lot stronger. Plate glass can crack and break with heat if it gets too hot under your lights and can cut the hell out of you if handled the wrong way when its broken.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    run the 400wtt mh for veg. and if you have the room and plants ten run both of the hps together.as for the glass if you donot have a inline fan to run off that hood you willhave problems with the glass being in the hood. good luck:mrgreen:
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Metal halide for vegging.

    High pressure sodium for flowering.

    That will give you the correct light spectrum for each phase of growing.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Use the 400w MH for veg to save a little on electric bill and use 600w hps for flower. If you could keep it cool i would say use the 400w hps for veg(not ideal spectrum but will work fine), then use the 600w hps and 400w MH for flowering, then you will have an optimal flowering spectrum, coverage, and wattage. That is if you have a seperate veg and flowering room.

    dbo24242 New Member

    yes. plug it in. turn it on.

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    I use a 400W MH and three 250W HPS for my entire cycle, sometimes I cut off the HPS during the last two weeks of flowering, but from 15 years exp, and having done it every conceivable way, full-spectrum growing beats every other lighting method, hands down, in my opinion.

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    Either way, you oughtta have sum blue and white spectrum in there during veg, if nothing else, to help your overall plant growth to maintain shorter, (more) internodal spacing, which, = more buds eventually.

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    As a fifteen year electrician, just a sidenote here for you guys, any hps will run any mh of the same wattage. Save money and just switch lamps out and only ever buy hps. They r essentially the same things, difference is mainly that the hps has a starter AND capacitor, where the mh only has a capacitor. Although, charges of capicitor expressed as microfarads, matter, it's just an old "trick of the trade" to get lights burning quickly sometimes if one doesn't have the proper lamp or a new starter on a service call... Hope this helps someone...And, yes, full spectrum is absolutely the best way to go the whole way thru. Happy growing, and always respect electricity...itz like a dog, once u disrespect it, itz only a matter of time before it bites yo ass!!!

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