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600w ballast

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by oldtymemusic, Mar 18, 2017.


    oldtymemusic Well-Known Member

    I'm lookin for a 600w dimmable ballast. I've been been using lumateks and now i'm looking at quantum, solis and quiet line (looks like lumy copy). any one got experience or preferences? it seems I returned a 400w quantum a few yrs back because it was loud. thanks
    OG electric

    OG electric New Member

    My galaxies aren't dismantle but you can put any bulb in to change watts
    Plus they have a 3 year warranty

    Owly Member

    Why do you want dimmable? Bulbs put out a garbage spectrum when under driven. I find switchable wattage far more useful.
    I'm using an xtrasun dial a watt. I haven't used it long enough to recommend it, but so far so good.
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    GrowingTheDream Member

    Im currently using yield lab 600w digitals and have no issues. Great price, runs cool and quite

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Solistek sux. 2 Matrix broke a month apart after 18 mos and customer service is a joke.. magnetics all day now.
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