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600 watt lumens?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by medicineforpatients, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. wow someone told me, "oh get a 600 watt instead of your 400 cause the lumen output of a 600 is almost double that of a 400. Well...at first glance it does look double...until you do the math. For every 200 watts from a 400 hps = 26,500 lumens. And for every 200 watts from a 600 watt hps=28,666. So...I don't think its worth upgrading, especially since I would have to change the whole exhaust setup if I went with a 600 cooltube. I can still grow bomb stuff with my 400 right? Im thinking about getting mylar. hmm I wonder how I can figure out how much mylar I need for my room.

    propertyoftheUS Active Member

    600w lights are the most efficient lumen/watt they make as far as HID's. As far as upgrading from a 400w it all depends on your setup, if you are getting enough lumens/sq ft with the 400 then upgrading would be pointless. And as for the Mylar, length x width x height

    aTTicRaT Well-Known Member

    My 400W digital has been banging out dope for years. I want to upgrade to a 1000W but its not in the budget right now. If I were you, just try to increase your yield without the headache of purchasing another light, maybe try some new techniques with soil amendments or a topping/training technique etc. etc. Good luck to you.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Dude take it from anyone who uses a 600 definitely worth the upgrade. Im easily doubling my numbers in yields puts off more heat but the same cool tube + fan I was using for my 400 I'm using with my 600 no problem.

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