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600 Watt HPS or 1000 Watt

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Kilbud, Jan 11, 2008.


    panhead Well-Known Member

    This statement is not true in the least,in my rooms i can cool/heat to any temp i chose with a few quick adjustments to the thermostats & humidistats,ive had heat & humidity fully under control in the rooms even when the big 1000's were in action,heat never has been an issue for me & had no bearing in my decision to change to 600 watt systems.

    The energy savings allow for increased canopy & unless the grow is stuck at a single light then 3 smaller 600 watt hps systems will easily outperform 2 larger 1000 watt systems.
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    GrowFoSho Member

    Are you F>cking kidding me!?! :wall: Have you been living, or shall I say, growing under a rock? JORGE CERVANTES is a modern day, marijuana genius!!! He has taught countless numbers of master growers to be the experts they are today. Google it!:leaf:

    Bluediemond Active Member

    you totally missed the issue with the cooling statement....

    Cool the lights...not the rooms. 1000w 12" away is much better than 600w 12" away.

    msgrappling Active Member

    1000 watt covers a 4x4 area. 600 watt covers 3x3

    ledgrowing Well-Known Member

    lol 5x5 for 1000w 4x4 at 600w 600 w is far better than a thousand simple simple

    dakin3d Well-Known Member

    You're splitting hairs.... And everyone has already mentioned valid points in reference to 'the bible'. Some correct, some incorrect. I'm not going to take the time to explain simple lighting theory, you can buy the bible and read it yourself (It's a great reference to have on hand anyway). However, if yield is the bottom line, then I would ask you: Have you ever seen an impressive grow room w/ 600W lamps strung throughout?.... Not saying 1000W is right or wrong for YOU, since everyone's circumstances are different, and increased number of light sources is an important consideration. But if plan on growing large (taller) plants to obtain increased yield...1000W Hortilux Super HPS is the way to go. It also depends on the number of lights you plan on having down the line, whether you'll utilize a light mover, as well as placement of the lights w/in the room. Consider all of your variables, including reflectors, cooling, venting layout, etc. I'm sure someone here will take the time to quote some more 'scripture' on 1000 vs 600.

    Last, you can move 1000W lights pretty low when enclosed and vented properly. I've done it as close as 20-22" w/ sealed air cooled lights. Again, as stated by someone else previously, it also depends on whether your willing to provide the proper cooling, not only by venting, but also throughout the room. Good luck, man. Cheers!

    Btw, the post above makes no damn sense at all. Way to convince...anyone, bro: '600W is far better than a thousand, simple, simple...'.... Please:roll:

    He's high as hell... but I would be, too. Not exactly a AN fan, but good set of videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QUyr1_3z4Y

    Mcduckthegreat Member

    Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but i was SEARCHING!!! (all the vets clap the hands for the noob, confetti falls from the sky), and I found this thread. Hypothetically, a 600w should only be good for a 3x3 area during FLOWER correct?\

    Flower = 10,000 lumens/sf *read this from post above
    90, 000 lumens (600w light)/ (3x3) = 10,000 lumens/ sf

    Is that correct math, or is there some misinformation above? Leading to GIGO?

    Thanks for the time guys.

    Mcduckthegreat Member

    Bump bump bumpers
    abo el Seioof

    abo el Seioof Member

    if you are comparing 2x600 vs 2x1000 in terms of heat produced..then I would go with 2x1000 since they both would nearly produce the same total heat radiated to ur room..give or take around +-5C for (600Wvs100W)heat+ballast heat...sometimes i change my bulb from 1000W to 400W for a new grow, all i notice is only 4-5C drop. So usimg 1000W would be more effeciant i guess.Hope this helps :)

    ecofrog Member

    I use a light mover + 1000w Hortilux super and get nearly 2lbs/light. CO2, modified hempy buckets, heat and humidity under control, modest yielding strains... works for me.

    jojodancer10 Well-Known Member

    im in the same boat , i have a 4x4 tent with a 600w system, i hear everyone saying 1000w is better, but how low can u get that 1000w to the plant? and we not even going to talk about venting, ok

    ledgrowing Well-Known Member

    600 is better

    langford77 Member

    i have used a 600 watt bulb for my 3mo of flowering.. it normally runs me about 150 to 180 a month but that is also meaning i have central air and heat and i did not run the central air and heat hardly at all.. i sacrificed my comfort for my buds... also if you wanna run a 1000 watt you should think about unplugging unnessacary appliances that you dont need or use... I used flouresent t5 bulbs four of them for veggie state... they work great every time... and just remember the more the plants the less lumens to the plants... if your gonna grow with a 1000 watt you need to only grow two maybe three plants tops.. hope i helped some later

    corners Well-Known Member

    I think he meant more lumens per watt

    corners Well-Known Member

    "Is 600 Watts enough to cover a 4x5 grow area? Each light will need to cover 4x5."

    1 x 600 would barely cover 4x5. 4x4 is better.

    I personally think you can make up for the penetration difference because you can move the 600 closer. Theres a pretty big difference in heat from 600 to 1000 imo.

    You can also use your 600 to veg and save some power also,but it sounds like you already have plenty of cooling and air if you went 1000w. Just beware of the power bill,made me choke with just a 600w and a 400w hps

    Factor in cost of bulbs, often 1/3 more then 600w bulbs

    corners Well-Known Member

    Yup, i pretty much went around and changed in all cfl bulbs, added power strips to electronic hubs in my house so i could turn off all the vampire power when we weren't using it. Litle things like getting a speed controller for your inline fan or other fans can be useful also.
    Detroit J420

    Detroit J420 Well-Known Member

    all the pro's say 2 600's that's why they co$t the same get them lights nice and close way more efficient better yeild...
    i run 2 600's in a dual cool tube in a 4x4 tent blows away a 1k

    yungkashsk Member

    It depends. The 600's have a better Lumen to watt ratio.
    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    What about the cost to run 2 ballast and bulbs?600w are the shits though.

    If your worried about electric cost, then do the 1, 1000 dim ballast first.

    For me 1200watts is more then enough, for me and the wife.So that's why I'm running 1200w next grow.Doing the 1200 watt grow, because I got a free 600w ballast if I would do a grow with it.
    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    Shit I got my 1000w 7 inchs away, but temp stay's at 76f

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