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60+ grams of oil covered in vacuum pump oil..

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by yeti5508, Aug 27, 2013.


    yeti5508 Active Member

    So i turned my pump on and went to sleep woke up and the pump was off and my cps vp6d was melted the oil sight glass was melted the brain was melted, and sure enough there was mineral oil all over my wax

    so i basically trashed it

    but now thinking about it, could i wash it with ethyl alcohol then carbon filter and filter the shit out of it for a topical use at least i know its not safe for vaping as is.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    damn man i am sorry to hear that.... but i think a carbon filtering will pull that oil out, not sure some one will chime in because i know this has happened to other people

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    done that before. i still have my wax chunks infused with oil sitting right on my dresser. its like, i cant throw it away, yet no fucking way i would let anyone eat./smoke it..

    been there almost a year now :p

    ughh.. no suggestions my friend.. set it aside, watch it do nothing the rest of your life :] that seems to be my plan :p

    yeti5508 Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words twitch,

    So should I just go to Walmart or the grow shop and get activated carbon, and some 99.7 I so and do as much filtering as possible

    Fade dog - If you have any insight at all please let me know. Even if you say to just throw it away. Your basically my Jesus, anything you say goes.

    If anyone has any thought please share, I'm Probly gonna go grab iso and carbon now

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    not sure how much all that costs. but i'd wait for an idea from fade, or some more input.. before you go spending/wasting $$

    Someacdude Active Member

    Vac pump oil is a mineral oil, why cant you just wash it with liquid propane again, ? Did it penetrate into the wax?

    Rinse it and cook it down again, pull a vac repeatedly while triple evacuating , breaking the vac between pulls with nitrogen or something inert, then pull it down again.

    Its worth a try, besides whats the difference between liquid propane etx and oil, both are chemicals, i would guess whatever you extracted it with is much worse than the vac oil.

    And change your oil every time, The oil holds all the nasty stuff from whatever you are evacuating, so the cleaner it is the easier it is to remove other nasty stuff, until you get all the noncondensables out you wont pull a good vac either,no matter what the gage says, is measured in microns, not vacuum.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I would get some everclear and try and sperate the 2.. iso is somewhat miscible from its longer carbon chain. You could probly mix ethanol and the hash oil and mineral oil and hopefully the goodies would rather be in etoh. But they will separate and you could then toss the mineral oil ..... I've never seen a successful carbon filtration, it either isn't selective and removes everything or it puts a bunch of black crap in your oil... I don't know man just thought id share my thoughts..... wait for fd

    yeti5508 Active Member

    I didn't think of carbon filters putting black shit into the oil,

    My plan is to blast it with butane again to spray off any physical oil I can get off, the. I'm going to rinse it with butane in a mason or a extraction tube threw muslin fabric .

    Then I was gonna put carbon in before the filter but I don't think I will now,

    I can't get ethyl because I'm in CA,

    And yes I had two slabs that got rained on and then sat in the oil , I then woke up and pulled slabs out and tossed into a grocery bag , I just checked and both slabs are now face first into each other.

    So there's a good amount if seperation to do.

    Any help is appreciated thank you. This was a costly mistake.

    I'm buying iso now but holding off on carbon

    vacpurge New Member

    lmfao you went to sleep knowingly with your pump running with 60gs of oil in the chamber???? come onnnnnn..... your pump should never run for more than 5 mins, then close the valve and done. most of the time that is MORE than enough vacuum if youre using any heat souce.

    SaybianTv Active Member

    Vac you ever try getting more bubble action from your oil by continuously running the vac and never sleeping? Dam ejuice vape pen can keep me up till 6 am easy and I spent the run on the forums.

    SaybianTv Active Member

    You have to find out which alcohol mineral oil is immiscible with that your oil is miscible with if you want to splice your oil out. The problem I have is that it feels a bit supositionalist to assume your pump is running on mineral oil and that's all the lubricant the inner surfaces have seen. You can filter out doghair's if everything else works, but your likely going to have to find a lab equip place or go online to get savy with syringe filtration if your really asking if fuzzy wizardry can save your exxon spill.

    honestly if you lived in BC i'd love to try to save it to at least to the topicals category for your extended family. 60 grams can heal allot of suffering, but your not dabbing that when the ball joint check valve would have cost you 3 bux. I've gotten stuff back in my oil but that's because I was careless enough to not pay any attention to the way energy flowed.
    Alas in my case it was just solvent I was reclaiming so it only set me back time, I wish you the best man and I hope nobody is going to put the fisticuffs to you over the loss.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    Imo and ime ... your only hope is silica chromatography of the heat-treated mix. I have never found a solvent or extraction procedure (and I worked with the exotics) that'll separate cannabinoids from paraffins.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Mineral oil is insoluble in alcohol and water, so you might try freezing first and blotting up as much oil as possible, before redissolving the oil in ethanol and allowing the oil to float to the top for skimming.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i run my pump continuously, 36 hours in some cases

    yeti5508 Active Member

    yes ive ran my pump for 12+ hrs multiple times, something went wrong that night, my fan in the pump probly shit out, btw i check motors temp when i awoke it was 275 after turning it on a 1am and checking it a 5am..

    Thanks fade, im definitely going to do what you suggested..

    vacpurge New Member

    lmao no. thats just stupid...

    vacpurge New Member

    why?? its not degassing that much first of all. and secondly, you dont need/want a 100% vacuum if youre using any significant heat. a 99-98% vacuum is plenty. any more and youre just pulling terps out of the oil... ask how I know. you say whipping is bad because it destroys terps.. well so does sucking on it that hard/long and making wax!

    all youre doing is turning electricity into noise....

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    good thing its free power ;-) we can argue till we turn blue in the face about leaving the pump on or not... the facts are, my stuff seems to wax up faster then yours and looks significantly better...

    soo you can do it your way and wait a week to get your wax and ill keep doing my thing and putting out gold.... the proof is in the pudding or wax

    my shit must be a fluke then, being down here in the south no med state in sight to show me the way.....

    and saybianTV try it out i notice a difference in doing it vs not doing it

    yeti5508 Active Member

    I say run pump continuously,

    That's not an argument in my opinion just watch the bubbles when u turn the vac on, and you cab run the vac st 29.5 while vac is pulling , just open your back valve a bit or open the gas ballast a bit.

    I'm also haven't been making wax lately I've been making shatter, a touchable shatter.

    Recently I had friends make a slab of real.glass I mean wouldent stick to you if you tried and snaps if folded at all..
    They use muslin fabric to filter they think that's the difference, but it may just be the trim I gave then was really good.

    But I'm going to try and separate the oily wax tomorrow got interviews in the morning

    vacpurge New Member

    open the air valve while the pump is running... wtf?!?!?!?!? you guys are crazy.

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