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53 days and going guys.......

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Kingkush325, Mar 8, 2018.


    Kingkush325 Well-Known Member

    Super skunk going strong. Trichs on point,smell fruity af, loud loud. How much longer you guys think and let me know what y'alls opinion on when to harvest is ? Trichomes are mostly cloudy some amber not much though. I was wanting to go balls to the wall and harvest at about 75% amber to get that heavy high. What do you guys like your harvest time to look like? 20180308_141518.jpg 20180308_141552.jpg 20180308_141609.jpg 20180308_141616.jpg 20180308_141704.jpg
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    Ringsixty Well-Known Member


    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Looking good bro

    booms111 Well-Known Member

    I pretty much run everything 63 days first time then adjust how many days next cycle based on high and taste.

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