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50% THC levels

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Starkton44, Sep 13, 2009.


    Starkton44 Member


    At the 5:10 mark on the video. It tells about how in london they have a strain called skunk that has between 30% to 50% thc levels.

    I've seen skunk, i've seen super skunk #1 seeds. and i don't remember the it saying the THC levels being that high. Is it a strain or how well it is cultivated?


    What is the black stuff he is putting on the bud at 3:49

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    BCseeds claims to have THC levels that high.

    I call bull.

    At a certain point, the plant has to still be self-sustaining. It needs weight for cell walls and shit.

    jats Well-Known Member

    The THC levels are all about the strain,,and a lot about the growing...but if you haven't got the strain you wont get high levels... the highest THC levels I've heard of are the G13 and that was around 30%...

    Starkton44 Member

    cool, but what is the black stuff that guy is putting on the bud

    arss Well-Known Member

    the guy just says that homegrow "skunk" is between 30%-50% more potent than weed you can buy on the street, not a 30%-50% thc level.

    the black stuff looks like pvc glue lol. I have a can of it in my garage that looks identical, even the swab attached to the cap. but that can't be it, maybe its some kind of pesticide or fungicide.

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