5 Amnesia Haze Ladies: A Complete Indoor Grow and Smoke Report

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    Try Ace Seeds Golden Tiger. It was suggested to me and is going in my garden in spring. I was told it is an extreme sativa high. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    staggarlee Member

    Thanks to the OP for this thread. I'm a newbie on THIS site and just sprouted a Royal Queen Amnesia Haze. I've been to Amsterdam a couple of times and this strain is always my favorite there. I tried growing out Barney's Amnesia Lemon but it just wasn't the same for me even though that has a nice sativa buzz as well. I will definitely be comparing my grow to this thread, thanks guys!

    Chadius Member

    Whats your dirt used?

    ddimebag Active Member

    my experience with amnesia and its crosses is that it is very euphoric, and induces some crazy munchies afterwards...does this sounds like your buds?

    hazeman1 Active Member

    dude u got the indica amnesia i just noticed i had the same thign a year ago when i was doing this starin....ur second picture of the 5 ladies the back row in the middle she looks like more of an indica i found out when i was doing my amnesia ladies that 2 out of my 10 were an indica pheno...BEST SMOKE TILL NOW she tastes like a jamaican sativa with a hint of lemon skunk

    staggarlee Member

    I use organic amended coco/perlite mix.

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    whats the difference between royal queen and soma amnesia haze?

    fuuze72 Member

    and 60 days of what ? growing all together? how long
    is start to crop ?

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    ... QUESTIONS ENCOURAGED ... View attachment 1557521 [/QUOTE]

    Well kinda long ago but I am growing the same Strain and I do have some question.

    I have got an Amnesia from RQS in my 250w HPS tent.
    She is turning great but she is not really getting big.. in the 4th week of flowering.

    Now my question how did she react in the flower period..

    .. will she strecht alot more or even a bit? (so I know when she needs more N-Nutrients)

    .. In which week was the thickening of the buds strongest? (So I know when to give her some PK-Nutrients)

    .. and last but not least, which PH Level did she like most?

    It would be very awesome hearing from you and in return for your Wisdom I could send in some pics, if you like.

    Peace (Y)

    86Hemphill Member

    I'm growing some AH as well. In week 4 of veg. Didn't get a great start but noticed some preflowers today. My first grow overall as well! So ready to get into flowering! Thx for taking the time to post and the great pics!

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