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4x8 Hyrdrohut, 1800w

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by BACG, Jul 19, 2013.


    BACG New Member

    • Hey all,

      First post, first grow. Some of yall seem to have pretty good insight and I would like to hear what you think.

      I plan on getting this indoor setup here pretty soon.

      4x8 Hydrohut tent, POSSIBLY 4x8 Gorilla tent
      3 600w w/ Radiant 8" aircooled hoods **these will not be ducted and glass will be off**
      3 Xtrasun 600w digi ballast
      1 8"-10" inline fan rated for about 700 CFM connected to a 6" phresh filter, not sure if the 16" or 24". Im thinking the bigger the better for filter and exhaust fan.
      4 oscilating or regular fans to circulate air inside the room.

      Tent will be inside a house in a spare bedroom. Pulling air IN through the lower tent vents, and OUT the carbon filter with an exhaust fan rated for about 3x the size of the tent, out of the tent and into the attic.
      It gets between 35 - low 60s outside throughout the cool months here. Inside gets pretty cold but maybe 50-55 on a COLD morning, no heater. Do you think that I will be able to keep it cool without air cooling the hoods? I plan on running the lights at night time as well. I am getting the Radiant 8's so that if I need to cool them, I have the option. Just looking for opinions, critique, and possibly previous experience in the same type set up from other memebers.



    RawCore Member

    y would you buy air cooled hoods if you're not going to use them. its a waste of money air cooled hoods are quite expensive. if you aint going to use it I suggest just getting a wing(really cheap). 3 600w light are plenty I have a 600w in a 4x4 tent and it is plenty of light. and go with the 24inch carbon filter. I use a 24inch with a 440cfm fan that runs to an air cooled hood then I run ducting to out of the tent with a 6inch inline booster fan. good luck bro

    BACG New Member

    Thanks for ur input man. My first thoughts were a wing too. I wasnt going to get the air cooled hoods, but it will be $60 more for all 3. I like how its still got big ass 8" holes so air will move around in it, and if i need to duct and cool them all i need is a fan and a little ducting.

    FuckJeffGoldbloom Well-Known Member

    It may be a good thing you got those ac hood tho, with 3 600w in 4x8. the heat may be in an issue, not sure of your climate, and you can always run them with that intake/exhaust system to your attic to cool things down, maybe some fans, inline fan.

    propertyoftheUS Active Member

    I definitely would say if you don't cool your hoods heat will be an issue.1800w in 32 sq/ft space yeah definitely cool them there hoods homie!!! You could save some money and electricity and only use 2 600w, those would be plenty for that little of a space

    rhymeshark New Member

    Why are you going with a tent when you have a spare room? I was looking for a tent but for the money, not worth it.

    ghb Well-Known Member

    tents are really goo imo, a room in a room that can be put up and taken down in minutes.

    don't buy air cooled reflectors if you are not going to use them as they are intended to be used, they get a lot hotter than wing reflectors, A LOT HOTTER!.

    I would suggest you get air cooled and use an 8" fan to cool them and another 6" to extract with a filter attached, intake is not neccessary.
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    rhymeshark New Member

    Let me bring up this question then. Are all tents the same? Last time I checked, Hydrohut's a lil' $ and Gorilla tents way are up there. I agree though in a tent, the lights need to be air-cooled. I'm not an expert but I've done some reading and continuing to do so. Also what set up? What about your electric?

    ghb Well-Known Member

    i have had good cheap ones and terrible cheap ones but never brand name stuff. here is how i setup my 8x4, i only use 2 600w hps lights though, electricity is roughly $5 a day, 2x600w hps cooltubes, 24x6" filter 6"rvk,4"rvk,18" oscillating fan


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    rhymeshark New Member

    Nice set up. Very clean. I just can't pay up $300 for a tent. How much would that yield? Soil? Stop by my thread. Will be glad to have your input.

    sonicboomboy Member

    Iv got a friend that grows in a tent that size & in the winter he has 3 x 600's on Adjustawings but in the summer he has to take one out as he struggles with the temps.if you are going to use 3 x 600s & you are able to extract out of the room then i would section a bit of the room off with white sheeting, you would save a bit of cash & it would be easier to control your environment IMO. :peace:

    rhymeshark New Member

    Nice setup. Very clean. What yield?

    BACG New Member

    I had thought about the wings.. I wanted to go air cooled with 8" vent holes just because I could try them uncooled and they have big open sides that I hope air will pass through. I will already be set up to air cool them if need be. I know this sounds stupid, but i would rather not hang a bunch of shit from my ceiling, I would rather deal with one big exhaust hole, which will be in the closet ceiling anyways. So im going for the tent with the nice frame to hang shit from. Nice set up ghb!

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    I think heat is going to be a problem. I have a 4X8 space and 2 600s and I was having problems till I bought and a/c unit.

    BACG New Member

    Yup, my thoughts exactly. I realize now that I forgot to mention a few things, and I made a light change.

    I ended up going with 2 1000's in radiant 8" air cooled hoods, still going to try no glass and no air cooling. The lights are dimmable, 600,750 and full 1000. Ended up being cheaper and I could get better ballasts. Im going to have a window A/C unit into the room that the tent will be in, I'm guessing it will help in fall and spring. Im going to set everything up with my original plan and hope that it works fine. If my AC is running alot, I plan on trying air cooling the hoods.

    FuckJeffGoldbloom Well-Known Member

    you'd be fine with just 1 1000 watt, thats more than enough... its 4x8?

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