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    I will be using bonicare 4x4 trays with super soil top 50% organic soil, bottom 50% super soil. 1000w per tray 35 per tray. they are auto flowers 18/6 light schedual. How much do I need to water? I was thinking once every 4 days for the first few weeks. Please let me know what you think. I will be doing sensi seeds bigbud after this run I will be starting them straight from rooted clone 3 weeks after cutting the clones. REP for help!!!!!!!:leaf:

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    You should be fine warring every 4 days but after the initial burst they'll probably need to be fed every other day.

    With plenty of nutes

    good luck with this!

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    I disagree. 50% super soil in a 4x4 bed is 60 gallons of super soil (if your bed is 12 inches deep). with that much ss and a short veg I can't see you burning up all the nutrition. for comparison, 5 gallons of ss will get 1 heavey feeding plant through an 8 week veg and 9 week bloom with plain water. indoor soil beds are sweet by the way. pictures?

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    I think the bed he's using is 6 or 7.5 inches tall

    other than that ill rephrase my statement above and say water every other day and add supplemental nutes like Calmag if you're using r/o or extra k for flowering. Because sometimes the soil hasn't broken down enough of the available nutrients within the soil due to low microorganism activity.

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    also line the bottom of the tray with perlite or hydroton so it give the water that passes all the way through a place to sit away from the roots to help fight root rot in the system you are planning to run

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    I will have pics up in a week or so
    Rising Moon

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    Add some oyster shells, pumice and a little azomite with the perlite and your plants will be singing!
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