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4th week of flower

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by hillbillybuddha, Nov 15, 2013.


    hillbillybuddha Active Member

    A lot of my bud is turning Amber. Looks like it's withering and dieing. Other buds look great, even on same plant.

    I think my ph was off on my last watering by a lot. I checked my ph today and the raw water tested at 9.09 and I've never seen it above 8 before. So I recalibrated the meter. It was way off. Worried I killed the bud. But I am in soil so hopefully it was enough of a buffer.

    I'll take pictures in a little bit.


    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    If it's really only one bud out of many withering and dying, check it VERY closely for bud rot. Use a microscope or jeweler's loupe and look for fuzzy filaments of mold.

    hillbillybuddha Active Member

    Ok Thanks. I'll check that tomorrow.

    Also, I thought I should clarify one thing above. When I say "raw water is at 8ph" I mean, before I adjust it down to about 6.5ph.

    I'll also try to take pictures tomorrow.

    hillbillybuddha Active Member

    I couldn't get a clear picture, I craked the lens on my camera phone.

    After a closer look is not the trichomes that are turning Amber, it's some of the white hair like things that make up the bud that are turning Amber. This is my first grow so maybe that's normal.

    Rold2Tight Well-Known Member

    White hairs turning amber is a good thing and totally normal. Happens during the last half of flowering. Brown spots on buds is not good or normal, it may be bud rot :eyesmoke:

    Good luck

    R2T :peace:

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