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400w semi-stealth armoire

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by spikey138, Jan 24, 2013.


    spikey138 Member

    Hey RIU. This is my first post/thread on the forum, but I've been lurking a while and trying to absorb tips and tricks from the many rock stars on this site.
    What I'm planning would not be my first grow, but my first indoor grow in about 10+ years, so I can more or less be considered a n00b.
    I have a dresser/armoire(sp?) in my bedroom that measures is 35.5" wide, 19" deep, and the height is divided into a 42" top section with two removable peg shelves, and a bottom section with two 9" deep drawers. Obviously the shelves are coming out, and I'm also planning on removing the drawers and just gluing and/or nailing the front of the drawers back onto the bottom.
    Now, the plan is to pop a 400w HPS light in there for, ideally between 3-5 plants. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that my primary concern is going to be heat and venting. I live in the Northeastern US, and the ambient temperature in the room the dresser is in is currently quite brisk, maybe 65ish, 70 tops even with the heat on, but with the growing schedule I have planned, I'd be harvesting my first crop in late May, early June, when the outside/room temperatures will be significantly higher. My wife has given me her blessing to grow in our room and I don't have to be super stealthy, but she has forbidden me from putting any holes in the walls or ceiling (so no venting to the attic:sad:!).
    I've never used an HID before, so ventilation is new and confusing to me. I would love any input would be appreciated as to whether my plan is feasible, and, if so, how do I make this work?

    To give ya'll an idea of what I'm working with, here are some 3d models I made on sketchup:

    This is the cab, with the lamp hood (air cooled) that would be housed in it. There are two doors to the front of the cabinet that I just didn't feel like including in the model. I also didn't include the back, which is cheap, thin pressboard that I am planning on taking off and replacing, if for no other reason than to have a sturdier and more lightproof backing. I was actually thinking about building an extended backing so I could probably increase the depth by up to 6".
    View attachment 2495526

    Heres an angled view of the cab.

    View attachment 2495533

    Here's a view with the drawers and bottom-most shelf removed. I have no issues with removing, drilling, or cutting into any part of the armoire, especially for the sake of ventilation, as long as it looks pretty much like an armoire at a passing glance into our room. Basically, this means, little or no modifications to the front or right side of the cab. Idgaf what the back or left side really looks like, but a ton of flexible ducting coming out like a robo-kraken would be less than ideal.

    View attachment 2495535

    Any ventilation and engineering advice is welcome and appreciated, even though I'm probably going to sleep in a hot minute, so I might not respond to input for a few hours.

    spikey138 Member

    Okay, so after some more reading, I think I may have figured out the ventilation needed for this project.
    1: Cut a hole in the left side of the cab--> duct to lamp hood--> to fan exhausting to outside of cab (thinking on top of cab, rear right hand corner, then disguise with some sort of box or similar object with an open top so as not to impede airflow. Would just look like a box sitting on top of the armoire to the passive observer).
    2. Carbon filter inside cab--> fan exhaust out back of cab (would be pushing out against the wall 1-2" behind cab).
    Would also have 6" desk fan oscillating inside cab to lower heat and simulate breeze.
    What kind of duct fans would I need to make this work? Are there any critical flaws with this set-up? Any feedback including constructive critique is welcome. Thanks!

    spikey138 Member

    Okay then. Back to lurking I guess. Thanks anyway.

    Fyremann619 Active Member

    I can't see the pictures.???

    You will want to "cooltube" the light if you are using a 400w. Doesn't have to be a cooltube could also be what's called a cooled hood.

    I'm doing a 400w in a 3'w x 6'h x 1.5' deep steel cabinet. I have my setup as follows, all inside the cabinet except the last piece which is a homemade muffler that looks like a xbox360 box. Carbon filter, tubing, votrex 4" fan, tubing, 400W HPS hood, tubing, out the cabinet, muffler. I can hold decent temps in here but as I'm also in a cold weather climate similar to yours, not sure how I'm going to maintain that in the summer.

    Also don't forget to check your humidity. Too low RH can kill a baby plant. My setup is in an office basement. The air RH down here is super low like 20% right now.I large humidifier in the room helps get the VEG cabinet up to 50-55%RH, and the flowering cab gets to about 30% RH.

    Good luck if you want to check out my journal I've got the progress of my build, etc. GL

    spikey138 Member

    Ooo sorry. Here's another attempt at uploading the pics. I am using the 'insert image' icon for a file saved to my flashdrive. Is this the wrong way?

    spikey138 Member

    Tyvm Fyremann. I do have an aircooled hood, just working on ventilation and cab mods before I go live, and have humidifiers/dehumidifiers as well as monitoring equipment, thank you.
    Also wondering if it is okay to use pvc piping (the kind typically used for plumbing) rather than aluminum ducting for the ventilation system, as I have access to a ton of that in various sizes and shapes for free. Is it unsafe or ineffective to use this? I tried to research this but could not find the answer anywhere.

    Fyremann619 Active Member

    I see them in post#5.

    I assume PVC would be even more efficient.

    And yes cooling the light separately from the cabinet would be ideal. I plan to test that for my next grow, although I'm happy with my current all in one setup I'd like to be able to dial down the cabinet exhaust during the off times, probably like 30minutes off 10 minutes on, repeating, and shut the light's exhaust fan right off.

    spikey138 Member

    Awesome, thanks Fyremann. I'm just waiting for a couple more things before I do a trial run to test temps. Hope they're reasonable. I'd like to get a harvest in before summer hits.

    spikey138 Member

    I peeped your journal BTW, nice setup and nice growth!

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member


    spikey138 Member

    Very nice, thanks for sharing that. If I get half that yield I'll be happy. I wasn't going to do a scrog this grow, but you're making me rethink now...

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