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400w HPS Canopy Penetration?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Scranny420, Dec 28, 2008.


    Scranny420 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how many inches deep a 400w HPS will penetrate past the upper canopy. I'll probably have a 2'x4' ScrOG setup going under an HTGSupply 400w HPS system. Thanks in advance!

    GlassFreak Well-Known Member

    i would also like to know. i have a 6 plant drip tote and one mother in a 2x3 foot area. im getting the 400w mh/hps kit. how deep will the mh and the hps penetrate seperately?

    tomatogrowop Active Member

    For a HPS 400-430w I'd say 2-3 feet, 4 at max anything below 3 1/2 seems to die off or go yellow
    trichome fiend

    trichome fiend Well-Known Member

    ...400 will only penetrate your canopy approx. 12 inches in a scrog, to be optimal.
    the cloner

    the cloner Active Member

    i got a 600w hps 10 inch over canopy and every think under 3ft goes yellow.
    but if u can open up the center of the plant it will penetrate more
    but cut off all th lil branches at the bottom coz it wont produce much anyway look up lollypoping.
    and open the centre hope this helps

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