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400 Watt hps closet grow

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by robbiek312, Feb 6, 2013.


    robbiek312 Member

    Here's a few pics of my ladies.
    You will notice that in the 3 gal pots, there are 4 plants, and the 7 gal pots, only 3. I took four cuttings off my previous mother, then hacked her down cause there wasn't room. My "grow partner" is now the happy owner of one of my 4 plants. I just dont have the room for 4 huge ass plants in my closet(2x4x8)
    For veg I was using a 4 foot, 4 bulb florescent 6500k on for 24hr
    Vegged for longer than I would have liked, but finally got them under the 400w HPS, and they are LOVING it. 12/12 started jan 22, had about 8-10 inches of stretch in two weeks.
    I trimmed a lot of the bottom fan leaves off, and took a few clones for next time, they're rooting under a 42w 2700k cfl 24hr, then when they're bigger and transplanted out of their red party cups into their big boy(girl) pots, they will go under the florescent.
    They are all in a 50/50 mix of "black gold" soil and perlite. I use local tap water, I have been using it for the past 8 months with no issues, I don't test ph, ppm, humidity temp, anything. I see no reason to spend the money on testers or anything if I don't have a problem.
    I flushed before flower, and am using full strength nutes. Earth Juice sea blast grow and bloom, as well as a spoonfull of molasses in their water jug every so often, more often during the last couple weeks of flower, I have had good results doing this.
    The first picture was taken the day I planted them into the 3gal pots from the 1 gal, still in veg under the florescent.
    the rest were taken less than a half hour ago.
    The bud/budding plant you see is my bag seed that I originally didn't really care about, I just figured since there's extra light, why not see what happens. it is going on week 6 now I think. I started flowering it with the same cfl I am using to root my clones, and it was under that for the first 4 weeks of flower and it was pathetic. Its still in a one gal pot, so when its done I might see about doing a re-veg and bonzai. I have seen it done and wanted to give it a try, so if the bud is worthy of my time, I may end up doing that, we will see..
    More pics to come as flowering progresses.

    IMAG0061.jpg IMAG0567.jpg IMAG0610.jpg IMAG0612.jpg IMAG0614.jpg IMAG0587.jpg IMAG0576.jpg IMAG0606.jpg IMAG0602.jpg
    Happy growing!

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    ArCaned Active Member

    going well good job :D

    jaygrowster Member

    Looking nice keep up the good work rate....


    prosperian Well-Known Member

    I like it! You are proving that you can keep it simple and in a small space.

    You have a very similar setup to mine. I'm on week 4 flower here is a link to my grow.

    robbiek312 Member

    prosperian yours looks very nice indeed!
    Simplicity is nice, I feel like it makes growing pretty dummy proof ;)

    wheels619 Well-Known Member

    looks good dude

    robbiek312 Member

    Day 17, switched light to the MH for a week, then back to the HPS. I want to see if i notice a difference. I know the mh makes the light a lot more pleasant on my eyes.
    IMAG0655.jpg IMAG0656.jpg IMAG0664.jpg IMAG0665.jpg

    robbiek312 Member

    couple more pics for your eyes. loads more hairs since last post.
    day 19 feeding with each water every 2-3 sometimes 4 days.
    I've also noticed that they sometimes sag a bit right after applying water. Lights come on at 9pm 12/12. In the morning they are perked back up. I always water right before lights come on.
    do they droop cause I am waiting too long between watering? or vice versa?
    any input is appreciated! :blsmoke:
    IMAG0701.jpg IMAG0702.jpg IMAG0703.jpg

    DaBong Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far!! You plan on getting a carbon filter or something for odor control? They should be staring to reek already eh? bongsmilie

    robbiek312 Member

    Yeah they smell pretty damn good. lol, but I don't need to worry about smell where I am growing, so no sense in spending the money

    prosperian Well-Known Member

    I don't have the droop reaction after watering. I keep my tap water in 5-gal jugs at room temp. to prevent shock and to release the clorine. I water an hour or two into the light period cause I don't want to get up that early.

    robbiek312 Member

    I fill up my water jug (from the tap) pretty much immediately after it goes empty. Let it sit without a top all night, then cover it, shake it, and leave it uncovered for the rest of the day. Then I mix my ferts in right before i water. I try to get as close to lights on as possible when I water too.
    I watered them like 5 hours ago, the light came on 7 hours ago, and they perked back up already.. so they drooped for like 4.5 hours, then perked back up. I notice they do that every so often.. odd

    robbiek312 Member

    all 3 of my ladies, day 25 IMAG0746.jpg
    nice top nug IMAG0750.jpg
    clone IMAG0754.jpg

    robbiek312 Member

    IMAG0783.jpg IMAG0790.jpg Day 28. Starting to see the purple come in the lower buds. Smell is amazing, and the crystals are plenty!
    Transplanted the clone into a 1 gal pot, and fim the top. i now see 5 new tops and i think a 6th will pop out.

    robbiek312 Member

    IMAG0825.jpg IMAG0820.jpg IMAG0831.jpg
    few more pics. day 33

    prosperian Well-Known Member

    Looking nice and frosty. Good work man.

    robbiek312 Member

    cant wait for the weeks to come

    robbiek312 Member

    IMAG0833.jpg IMAG0834.jpg the clone. It's doing very well. I have it under two 13w 6500k cfls in a one gallon pot.using the same grow nutes as before with great results

    robbiek312 Member

    IMAG0883.jpg IMAG0885.jpg IMAG0891.jpg
    More pics. BAM!

    dopedeeii Active Member

    Nice pic bro hit yo local dro store and get some overdrive the ur local grocers and pick up some unsulferd organic molasses pack on the weight a.d the sweet taste

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