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40$ for a 8th of shrooms?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by purplehaze6969, Jun 9, 2011.


    purplehaze6969 Member

    So i Just paid 75$ for a quarter ounce of shrooms.Its 40$ for a 8th I bought a 8th the other day and was tripping from 4 pm to at least 4 am when i feel asleep srill fuked up and i woke up sober .I got fucked up a little off of 1 shroom then took a whole 8th.I live in around pennsylvania is this dude ripping me off??

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    prolly not.. it used to be 25 or 30 for an eigth, but that was the 80s and 90s..
    jimmy jones

    jimmy jones Active Member

    Yeah its been a while since I actually purchused shrooms but 30 was the going rate years ago. Doesn't suprise me prices have gone up. 40 bucks sounds about right for good fungus.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, same here.. i haven't bought shrooms in ages, but when i did, it was like $30 / $35 for an eigth, so i can see $40 being a reasonable price now adays..

    jesco51 Active Member

    Yeaaa shrooms are usually the same price as mid grade bud. That's a good rule of thumb to go by.

    carnage11 Active Member

    It's all about supply and demand. If the guy you're buying from is the only guy you can buy from....well he charge what he wants, and based on the demand at that. I've seen them go for $20 a 1/8th. But they are pretty easy to just pick for free where I live, so.....take that as you will.

    artattack Member

    I dont know man, I'd say 30-35$ is a normal price for an 8th

    kizzzzurt Active Member

    In an area that they are very hard to find (mainly the cities) they are a lot more expensive. I think my friends and I paid like 10/gram, or $35 for a half quarter.
    Ebb n Flo

    Ebb n Flo Active Member

    Yea that's right... 40 is def reasonable especially if he's the only one with em! Why don't you just buy a spoor kit and grow your own, its super easy and the kits are rather inexpensive

    purplehaze6969 Member

    I believe you need a pressure cooker to grow shrooms i dont have one or know where to get a pressure cooker and im guessing their pretty expensive

    cannabisguru Well-Known Member

    I'd be all over that.. $40 for an 1/8th of shrooms? Hell yeah, I'd be all over that like flies on cow shit.

    Reason I say I would be all over that offer, is because I don't have a connect around here for shrooms. I wish I did.. but I don't.

    So yeah, I'd be all over that for $40 bones.


    cannabisguru Well-Known Member

    Pressure cooker? They're not all that expensive buddy. I've got one in my kitchen.. they work great for slow cooking food. Especially pork-chops, yum!! Nothing like slow cooking/simmering a nice fat pork-chop for about 2 or 3 days.. gets it nice and tender where it almost just falls apart.. mmmm yeah that's good stuff buddy.

    Secondly, I'm pretty sure you don't need a pressure cooker to grow shrooms bro. You just need the spores and the correct environment to grow them in.. which is generally a humid environment with high moisture levels.

    anyhow, just wanted to clear that up for ya.


    sheapdog420 Active Member

    When I used to sell them, it would be between $30-50 an 1/8th depending on availabililty. So I'd say thats about right.

    SquishMitten Active Member

    I live in Pennsylvania and that's the going rate

    carnage11 Active Member

    Haha, my friends must love me! $20 an 1/8th all day.

    Well, anyways, you don't need a pressure cooker to grow shrooms dude. Trust me. Watch the videos on this site. http://www.mushroomvideos.com/

    They will show you exactly what to do and you don't need a pressure cooker. You will need canning jars, a large pot for sterilization, vermiculite, perilite, brown rice flower, and a good size clear tote. Oh and a spore syringe of course, but all of that will cost you around $50 especially since you may already have a lot of it. So for roughly $10 more then you're paying for one trip you can get several trips and maybe even hook your buddies up. :D

    Coors Well-Known Member

    I usually drop 80 on an Oz or 200 on a Qp if I can find one, and just hold on to them. They don't come around often so when I see them, I like to buy a lot and have a personal stash. But I'm a sick f*ck I love mushrooms!!

    Dubbz0r Well-Known Member

    $40 is about right as long as they look good. Make sure it's not a bag full of caps, as some people are misconstrued about caps being more potent than the stems.

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    35-40 is going price per 8th, buy an O and it sould be 150-180

    irieie Well-Known Member

    you got ripped off. 25-30 an eighth.

    purplehaze6969 Member

    their stems with caps at top and alot of them have alot of blue in them i took a 8th and triped from 4pm to 4am when i fell asleep still fucked up but i cant be affording this shit so ima have to grow my own

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