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40 Days Veg Sex showing...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jjf1978, Mar 26, 2009.


    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    So I am on my second grow and I did things a little different this time. I veged the plants under a 150w HPS and a 4 bulb T5 with blue spectrum lights. For the first 2 weeks I did 24/7 light schedule then 18/6 for the rest.

    At around 35-40 days old the plants showed me their sex clear as day (3 females!) Tiny pistils emerged at the nodes with 2 hairs comming out of each...On my last grow I was only able to sex them after two weeks of flowering. I'm growing the same exact strain (not sure of the name but definitely sativas).

    So I'm wondering was it luck that they showed the sex or was it because I had the orange light in there with 18/6 cycle (the first grow was 24/7 all the way veg)

    Any ideas?
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    its normal, those white pistil hairs just show the maturity of the female, she is ready to be flowered

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