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4 weeks into flowering, I want to boost yield.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nine33, Sep 8, 2009.


    nine33 Well-Known Member

    Hello, I'm currently 4 weeks into flower, my plants are root bound in 2-3 liter containers. There are roughly 4-6 weeks left until they finish.

    What would be the best way to increase yield? I have 1000 watts hps about 6-8 inchs from the canopy, no burning.

    I don't use molassas or co2 in my enviroment, as well as a small air exchange rate.

    I'm thinking about adding about 8 2 liter bottles of fermenting yeast for the remaining time, adding molassas to the soil, and possibly doing root transplants into 3 gallon bags.

    I want to add co2 and molassas at least, I'd rather not root transplant this late into flowering unless I'll see substantial results.

    I have a good foxfarm nutrient regiment, a very high 20,000 lumens per square foot ratio. Help me boost this yield!




    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    For get about the transplanting.
    Give them more air and water and they will be fine.

    nine33 Well-Known Member

    Sweet! will do. thank you

    growone Well-Known Member

    haven't dealt with a root bound plant yet, but i see some growers that grow root bound all the time
    i believe they trim away the root that pushes its way out of the pot, and they feed more frequently
    if memory serves

    HUSTLIN...SLY Member

    to late! the best way is to feed your plant miracle grow flower feed which feeds the flowers and increase the buds but you should stop feeding it grow about two weeks before harvesting so you don't smoke the fert... good luck

    scwascwa Well-Known Member

    im growing root bound now... called the shot glass grow of 09 they will be fine

    nine33 Well-Known Member

    Ahaha okay, I hear so many controversies over root bounding. I added co2 and watered with molasses today, foxfarms next water, then water + molasses, and so on. I planned on doing a 5:1 flush ratio on the last week, and then providing just molasses, and the last watering flush with just water.

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