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4 weeks into budding PICS, how do they look? Any info greatly appreciated (PICS)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by popcornplayr1, Sep 9, 2008.


    popcornplayr1 Active Member

    Hey guys! I started these babies in mid/end june. Grown completely outdoors. I am getting so excited to harvest, but I am afraid that i'll do it too soon ( like last year) I have one cola that the hairs are a bright pink/red color ( first pic, a little blurry,sorry). Is this unusual and did I get lucky? Or is that a nutes problem? I'd also like to know your opinion on how they look. Thanks a lot guys. Any input on the best times to harvest and other techniques would be greatly appreciated!

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    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Your gonna need another 4 weeks of flowering. You definately need to buy a scope of some sort. Radio shack sells a nice one for less than 20 bucks and it has a light and is 60x to 100x. You need to check the trics for milky and amber appearance. Be patient as it will pay off later. What strain is it, what nutes are you using, ph of water, soil content etc...?

    popcornplayr1 Active Member

    i'm not sure what strain any of them are unfortunately, out of 20 total planted seeds, I ended up with 11-12 females...which I don't think is so bad. I've compared my pics withouther members, and i'm wondering why mine aren't as tall as others. I did top most of them once or twice, which I know is supposed to make them bushier, but the one I didn't top looks incredible. No more topping for me. Could they just be short because of the growing medium i'm using? 10 gal bucket- 3 plants each bucket, I bet if the pot were bigger they'd grow talled. Owell, can't complain. Anyways, how do they look?

    kellythefoot Well-Known Member

    Whats to do buddy? More than one plant per container is a bad idea they tend to get tangled togather and firght for nutes. They should be alot farther along in 4 weeks. I dont count days until real flowers emerge not just the pre-flowers but the actual bud. Looks like a typical sativa plant and they grow really tall so for them to be so short they not getting what they need. Looking for a small plant you should try Bubblicous from nirvana its my current grow. There only 2 feet tall with buds a little smaller than yours 9 days flower.:peace:

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Yeah bad to have multiple plants in one pot. The roots fight each other and its just not good. Growth is stunted. I think they definately suffered from that mistake, but ya know what? they are still alive and growing. Thats more than some people can say. Next time put one plant per 3 - 5 gal container and you'll see much better results. Are you feeding them nutes?

    popcornplayr1 Active Member

    Could the growth have been stunted because I topped some of them twice? The one I didn't top looks amazing, I'm kinda pissed I topped them now that I see how they turned out lol. owell, i'll learn from my mistakes, and there's always next year. since i'm only about 4 weeks along in the budding/flowing stage, can I expect the buds to at least double in size compared to how big they are now? Also, during this ending stage, does the plant continue to grow upwards aswell and creating buds, or does the plant completely concentrate all of it's energy in budding? Is it safe to use some nutes I bought from a head shop durring this period? I heard it's not good to use nutes within like 2 weeks before harvest( which i'm not anyways) Has anyone every heard of nutes that are made with tree ash and fish smelt(sp??) ground up fish or someting I believe? Correct me if i'm wrong please.. Let me know THanks

    smokablunt16 Well-Known Member

    what do you think ull get off the 2nd one, 3rd one, n last one?

    ANy molasses involved...nutes?

    14pimp Well-Known Member

    howd they turn out man?

    munoz1051c Active Member

    now i now i must be doing something wrong. my plant is about three weeks old and is not even close to being like yours in one more week. good job man in growing, you should let me know what is working for you and what is not, i would really like to grow mine similar to yours.

    cheifin561 Well-Known Member

    you can tell you don't live in the city cuz there's helocopters flyin over my house on a daily basis

    BlazaBlaze Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I read right, but if your plant is 3 weeks old it should look nothing like his. He is about a month into flowering, not growing. Hope that helped.

    DookeyNugs408 Well-Known Member

    if u want a big ass plant put one plant in a 5gallon, or ten gallon, or even a trash can then it's get hella big

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