4 out of 12 weeks flower, BD bag seed, supersoil, leaf disorder help?

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    sine143 Well-Known Member

    hey guys, 3rd run with this particular bd bagseed. first time I fucked my light schedule, causing a reveg after 3 weeks of flower (total flower time was 14 weeks), second time was dont by friends of mine (they also fucked it up, took over 15 weeks). Its make or break time for this strain, and we're about 4 weeks in on this particular 8 headed mainlined plant, in a 7 gallon pot with super soil. the plant was top dressed a week before flower, and 2 weeks into flowering, but as you can see in the pics, some of the fan leaves are yellowing (only the largest of them), yet other leaves are clawing and acting like we might have overfed a little. what do you think my best course of action is to maintain plant health through this long flowering plant?

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    montanachadly Active Member

    Man you gave us a little information but not really enough. What kinda lights? temps and humidity? When your enviorment isnt ideal the plant slows down tremendously in my expierence. Your long flowering time could have been because of all the stress. What are bd bag seed? It could also be that that bag seed sucks. Order some respectable beans from a good breader and give it a try again.

    montanachadly Active Member

    The plant doesnt look bad it looks good for right now. Less is more.

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    you have a PH imbalance, looks like you might be getting some Mg lockout.... my guess is your water ph is too high. Give it some epsom salt in some 6.5ph water, might be a little over watered too.

    but yea, some strains are just bitchy, and BD bag seed sounds like something I would never grow out, lol. Kinda sounds like a waste of soil so far.

    sine143 Well-Known Member

    Setup ;
    4x3.5x4h under a blickbustersix and generic 600 watt bulbs and mag ballasts. Temps = 70-74. Humidity 35-45. Supersoil, roots based, 7 gallon smartpot. The way this cycle worked out its the only plant in that chamber atm.

    Meh. The smokes great, on oar with anything ive ever ordere sans the green phenobof aos. Overwatering may be the issue. Already have tried to fox the mg ossue but t seems to be getting worse. Was under the imression it wa dificult to have ph swings with ss ( water = 110 ppm, 6.7 ph out da tap).

    Shes a bit sentamental at this point, pulled 5 oz under 260 watts of standard cfls in my bathroom/5 gallon pot with supersoil. Id def say if i can get the issue inder control i'll be looking at 5 more inder the 600.

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