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4 Months old, No signs of sex?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Darren06, Feb 6, 2010.


    Darren06 Active Member

    New Grower here, im just wondering when am i going to see signs of the sex of the plants i got here, my earlyest plant is from 18th September 2009, Bag seed was used, i believe it might be Thai, I Am feeding them Lyles Black Treacle and Tomato Feed,
    I Also have the plants in a grow box with 12/12 cycle from seed, The room (attic) temp is quite cold but noting too serious.

    The CFL's which i used are:
    1 x 85W, 5500k colour temperature
    2 x 20W

    here are a few pictures of them taking just 1 hour ago

    Plant #1(18th September 2009)




    Plant #2 (September 25th)


    I can see a small like hair on this plant, it may well be a female i just need to verifie this:


    Plant #3 (25th September)



    Grow Box


    What do you guy's think? male or female?:bigjoint:

    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    I think I see a hair on plant #3, but not sure.

    I noticed your setup picture, if you can get those CFLS to lay on their side, the plants will get much more light off the side of the bulb rather than the tip.

    How long have they been on 12/12?
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    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    Sure it's not the most rational way to approach the gender question. but once they get into flower I just look for peckers and scrotums. If I dont see none makes me jump to the conclusion they are females. I did not notice any indications of being male from the pics provided. Kewlish grow closet. Good job. I never tried any at 12/12 from the start. What are the pros and cons?


    Darren06 Active Member

    yea there is alot of light coming off them at the min, i will give it a go putting them on there side.They have been on 12/12 from there first day (140 days old now) ,also i had them LST'ing untill 4 or 5 weeks ago

    well it is my first grow so its all a learning process for myself, i decided to go with the 12/12 to max the yield.

    xXF0RE20Xx Active Member

    I'm confused to how your grow is 4 months along, and no signs of sex yet.....thats just....odd, especially considering you've been on 12/12 from start......

    jaysizzle Active Member

    Word to your muva...are you sure it's been 4 months? Seems out of the ordinary. Even if you went 12/12 from seed four months you should have harvested....lets say it was a long budder, 11-12 weeks that stil should put you at havin buds to smoke. 3 months budding would have left you with a whole month to veg, but from seed on 12/12 it isnt gonna veg that long before it goes into flowering. Something is off......or there is that other possibility that I'm just so high right now that my brain is not thinking clearly enogh to do math equations.-anyone?

    xXF0RE20Xx Active Member

    No brah, im high too......any way you look something is off there....not unless the plants have been stressed out bad several times dragging out the veg period before it shows? dunno if thats how it works but it sounds plausible.

    ericthefool Member

    YOU are using a veg light, 5500k-6500k. Switch the lights to 2200k-3200k and it will flower. The plant thinks its still summer. Once you switch to the new lights, it will think its fall and will kick out buds and such.

    statik Well-Known Member

    This sounds like your problem. I know that plants WILL NOT flower under certain spectrum's. I was actually just reading about that the other night.

    It's kind of like you are trying to grow with a green light...plants cant see green light. Same thing is happening here I bet, they see the color of the light and it tells them even though they have 12/12...not to flower.

    At worst, try changing spectrum and see what happens.

    BlueFish Active Member

    Your lighting looks to be completely inadequate, 125 watts from CFLs is not a lot of light. That plant is absolutely tiny for four months old. My plants are half as old and five feet tall. Also, why did you grow under 12/12 from seed? Unless you want to harvest the plant when it's 10 inches tall, that's a terrible idea. It's also limiting growth, you want at least 18 hours of light in veg. I think you should go and do some research on lighting in general. Your plants will do much better if you really understand what you're doing and why.

    Darren06 Active Member

    Cheers dude.

    Darren06 Active Member

    i had the plants LST'ing for a while, it may right well be the colour spectrum of the lights i am using right now

    xXF0RE20Xx Active Member

    sounds like a winner, hopefully it will explode for ya

    binkkybrown Active Member

    THats the problem 5500K is bad for marijuana you need to be using 6500k (veg) 2700k (flower) also with cfl 6500k works ok for flowering but stay away from the 5000 range.

    x4u2sm0ke Member

    the only thing to explain this would be light hitting it, idk how saying its in the attic but yeah.

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