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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by superbakakuha, Oct 23, 2010.


    superbakakuha Member

    Default 3rd week of flowering problems, w/pics!

    Hey guys,

    heres the facts:

    Grow medium: 30%soil-30%vermiculte-30%perlite.
    Week:3rd week in flower
    Nutrition: Sensi Bloom Part A + B, B-52, Big Bud
    Haven't flushed the medium.
    400W HPS lamp.
    space: 1x1x1 meter

    I have been struggling keeping the humidity up. It falls down below twenty, very often. Most of the leaf tip points are curling into a "claw".

    Been reading a lot about the problems, and came to figure it's most likely heat stress, Ph-issues and Calcium deficiences.

    Can anybody please help? In case it is any of these, or something else. What should I do? Flush the medium with water, 2x the pot size? Here go the pics: Bilde0141.jpg Bilde0144.jpg Bilde0135.jpg Bilde0150.jpg Bilde0138.jpg Bilde0136.jpg Bilde0153.jpg Bilde0155.jpg Bilde0154.jpg

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    well, I'm not good at diagnostics..

    But I can tell you this much... during flowering.. you don't want HIGH humidity levels. All that's going to do is moisten the flowers/buds and attract molds and bacteria.

    Humidity levels should be around %40 to no higher than 70%.

    Good luck!


    superbakakuha Member

    Thanks mate,

    I know Im not supposed to have it too high. Humidity rarely gets above 20 so i guess I have the opposite problem. too low humidity :P and Ive tried everything, humidifiers etc.

    BrannonC Member

    looks like it could be thirps

    superbakakuha Member

    what the heck is "thirps"?
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    There's your problem. If I had to guess, you don't have enough N to support foliage. It's a pretty common drill around here. Forcing your plants with alot of K and/or P is the last thing you want to do when flowering, contrary to sales hype or forum popular opinion. Foliage produces bud, not bloom foods. Don't fall for the AN bullshit regarding products that contain worthless enzymes or vitamins. For starts, they've been exposed as not having any while charging you for something that is nothing more than a myth. Plants will not benefit from grower applications of vitamins or enyzmes. They do quite well on their own manufacturing what they need. What a load of crap this is: http://www.advancednutrients.com/hydroponics/docs/B-52.pdf

    Post your total NPK values and we'll have a look.

    If you have the right setup, reflecting panels adjacent to the plants, you shouldn't have such low RH. There's nothing wrong with the 20's as long as the root system is healthy. In fact such low RH pretty much eliminates any bud rot pressures, and that's a good thing.

    Regarding your PM, yes, I don't like to field cultural problems via a PM, and I've been getting way too many of them. Only recourse is to let my box fill up.

    "Thirps" is the lower register of "chrips". :D

    Good luck,


    What are the temps at? I understand your humidity is low, but with low humidity lower temps are needed. Having too low of humidity and too high of temps can cause heat stress. Also you could try flushing and using less nutrients to see if its either nutrient burn or a deficiency. There are pictures of deficiencies all over the site and the web. You may have a lethal mixture with all the different mediums and combination of nutrients as well.
    red fury

    red fury Active Member

    I've got 2 plants out of six right now that have leaves similar to pics 4,7,8, and 9 that u posted. I cant figure out what it is and why ony those 2 have it when they have gotten the same treatment as the other 4.

    superbakakuha Member

    Thanks alot friend! :) since I wrote to you about help, I've been reading and reading and some more reading on plant cultivation etc. And those are the exact answers I've come to... Only you make it a little easier to understand ;) But anyway here goes my feeding schedule:

    I use Sensi Bloom Part A + B, B-52 and Big Bud.
    Sensi Bloom Part A NPK: 4.3 - 0 - 3.1
    Sensi Bloom Part B NPK: 5 - 6.1 - 5.7
    B-52 NPK: 2 - 1 - 4
    Big Bud NPK: 1 -17 - 38

    I guess it's called Advanced Nutriens setup: here's the link to the feeding schedule: http://www.advancednutrients.com/hydroponics/calc/

    They told me to mix all that stuff together when I water.

    I have also these nutes that I used for veg, it's NPK is 7 - 1 -5

    Temperature gets around 86 deegres, so I guess that's a little high? :(

    Today I flushed one of the plants to see whats gonna happen! (THANKS SMOKENBUDDHA! ;) )

    PS. Uncle Ben, I figured that out about the PM, I really didn't want to bother you with it but hey at least I caught your attention! :D Anyway thanks a million friend. And pss. I wasnt kiddin about that book, your knowledge is too valuable :D

    superbakakuha Member

    I just flushed mine buddy. Come to figure out it's either overnuted, PH is messed up or the salt build up is too big and causing some kind of lockout... In any case I guess the best thing is to flush good, than you start from scratch. Any opinions? please comment!
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    They told you, eh? Get a handle on plant nutrition and learn to read your plants.

    So.......what's the final NPK values the plant actually sees?

    86F is fine. You want at least a 10F drop during night time temps, preferably 20F.

    If you've ruled out insect problems such as mites, then I suggest you go back to the veg food. Again, you need to assess whether or not they are getting enough N to maintain healthy foliage. Advanced Shysters will sell you everything and anything they can, that's their game. Their program is expensive, complex, and confusing.....by design.

    Good luck,

    superbakakuha Member

    Well I flushed both plants two days ago. And then I gave em the veg nutes (7-1-5). One of them is looking great. Lowest leaves are a little yellow, but I guess the nutes will fix em. the other plant look not so good, most of the big leaves fell off so I guess the small leaves are strugglin absorbin all the light. I gave em the same veg nutes so I'll see what happens. I think that the genes of the other plant are simply too weak. The buds are stunted I guess, they havent gotten any bigger in a week, not even the cola. So Im not sure why that is? lockout maybe?

    I'll post some pics soon and update on how it goes
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    Are you sealing the enclosure and using an exhaust fan for ventilation? If you are, nitrogen will desipitate faster at lower atmospheric pressure(higher altitudes) and can cause a fert burn to your plants. Be sure you have equal or greater air pressure in your grow.

    superbakakuha Member

    yeah exhaust fan is in the cealing, it's incredible. sucks everything right out... I do not have no air vent in. I just open the door and air every hour or so (fresh air from outside the house.) It's not a low athmospheric pressure I think, the house is not too far from a shore. So in that case, does that mean that I have to feed em a lot of nitrogen throughout flowering?

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