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3rd time using Ayahuasca

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by ODanksta, Aug 22, 2012.


    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Well today, I am trying for my third time with Ayahuasca..

    First time was epic

    Second time. I broke all the rules, I had a nervous breakdown and freaked out. I found out I lost my job and my grandmother had cancer, previously that night I had been drinking and ate 4 xanax bars and ate all the shit I wasn't suppose to. When I heard the bad news, I was so fucked up I said fuck it and drank the ayahuasca had a crazy night to say the least. It was a crazier more sleep like trip. The hallucinations were much more mixed and faster. Lots more energy.. However do not try this! I was being stupid and on the verge of killing myself.

    Today is my 3rd try. I drank brew Syrian Rue seed tea about 45 minutes ago about 3 grams. not really feeling the effects of the syrian rue yet. I double boiled and just drank the second brew. But my ayahuasca brew has a ounce of syrian rue already in it, from my first brew. where I had did two pulls from a ounce a of syrian rue. Which is a super large dose. But I threw all the left over seeds in the Mimosa brew, so hopefully through cold water extraction the aya will be strong as shit. The Mimosa also contains small amount of san pedro in it. I had brew a ounce of dried san pedro on saturday night. And threw the left over plant material in the Mimosa brew.

    So I am hoping for this to be as good as the first time. I post a trip report around 6 or 7 tonight

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Shit is not working this time.. Going try another cup.. I think it is Syrian Rue Seeds I bought the other day.. Either this shit needs to kick in or I am going to go buy some beer. And I am starting to get hungry.. No vomiting yet is also kinda weird, yeah I do feel it a little bit, but nothing like I should.

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Lol good shit. Idk why no body posted on this dude i think what youre doing is bad ass and a good time. Peace brotha

    jjpivot Active Member

    yeah, I agree man. Send me a postcard from whatever dimension you're in, haha. Kidding, but DMT's intense.
    Trippy Mayne

    Trippy Mayne New Member

    Next second before you know "Damn I think I got rippp.... Durrh!"
    Unregistered User

    Unregistered User New Member

    mescaline is some powerful shit
    Trippy Mayne

    Trippy Mayne New Member

    Your one ignorant jackass! Lmao

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    The Ayahuasca has a mind of it own.. must be respected...

    hpbuds Member

    wish i was able to experience the tea only dmt. on top of my chronic but still blew me the fuck away

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