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38 year old newbie...lol

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jeeves1000, Dec 4, 2012.


    jeeves1000 Member

    Hey guys,
    So we are finally getting off our ass and will start a small 4 plant grow... but we have 1 question....

    1. We are extremely(!) paranoid about ordering seeds online and having them sent to our house then having our small grow busted and everyone being hauled off to jail....we live in MS.... would most agree that we can safely do this?

    FYI we have plenty of bag seed but it seems like such a pain to sex them, plus the size, etc. It would be soooooo much easier to order fem/auto seeds that are pretty newbie "fail safe"...

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    grorite Well-Known Member

    yes it is safe to order seeds dont go for autos tho

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Order from www.herbiesheadshop.com or www.herbiespicknmixseeds.com They don't charge insane discreet fees like Attitude does and they ship really fast. Every time I've ordered from them it took less than 10 days from the time of order to be at my doorstep. I wouldn't worry about ordering them to your house. I've done it with no problems.

    Get feminized photoperiod seeds. Stay away from auto's. They are not worth it. They hardly yield anything. You can train your plant to keep it at a short height by SCROG or LST.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    a few suggestions ..

    1.) if possible, make a "mother plant" you can take clones of, if your paranoid you wont have to order seeds that often then ..

    2.) if you have some nice Bag seeds you could try to grow out a male and make some seeds of the fist Femi seeds you order .. same result + you get free seeds as they are kind expensive ..

    a trick most Ppl. do with Reg. seeds, is to grow a few to a stagers where you can take clones, then trow them clones in to 12/12 and find out witch mother plant is female and use that to take clone from (better then Feminized seeds and cheaper)

    Chockfullonuts Active Member

    Know exactly how you feel...I felt the same way. Finally I just bit the bullet and ordered from Sea of Seeds. A United Kingdom seedbank. Receiven in less than two weeks. Very discreet shipping...I'm happy. Good luck....Chockfullonuts

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    You might think of having the seeds shipped to an alternate address (tell your buddy its a surprise birthday gift for your wife/ gf).
    Be cautious living down there - armed robbery can get you less time than growing in that state.
    Be safe my friend.

    kpmarine Well-Known Member

    That's a real classy choice... :wall: Don't do that, op.

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    Get your seeds then make a fem seed crop with colloidal silver.
    It is not hard to produce thousands of seeds. You miss out for the most part on one harvest, but you are set for years with seeds.

    jeeves1000 Member

    Wow, thanks for all the replies! There were some great ideas that I'll have to use to avoid this dilemma in the future....still not 100% on ordering but we'll figure it out..........:lol:

    bobtokes Well-Known Member

    send cash theres no paper trail, unlike credit cards

    DaBong Well-Known Member

    jeeves1000 ..... adjust your settings to allow private messages here on the forum so I can message you.

    you can find this setting under forum actions \ general settings

    jeeves1000 Member

    DaBong, you should be good to go now.........


    DarkStar73 Member

    Welcome!! Just so you don't feel old...I'm a 39 year old Newbie and 4 weeks into veg on my first grow. Can't help you with your seed issue. I'm from your neighbour to the north and we have the fortunate luxury of seed stores where seeds can be purchased legally. In any event, thought I'd give you a shout out to say howdy and good luck. May the force be with you!!

    DaBong Well-Known Member

    Still isn't working.... just message me first by clicking my user name and select private message....

    mantiszn Well-Known Member

    you need to have minimum post (maybe 50?) before you get PM


    DaBong Well-Known Member

    Oh, well that sucks.....LOL just message me when you can jeeves.....

    droopy107 Well-Known Member

    Don't sweat ordering seeds more than necessary. I got into growing 4 years ago when I was 38 too. I know how your feeling right now concerning that first order. Let me tell you, if you weren't at least a little worried, I would wonder what's wrong with you. I would guess that almost everyone here felt the same way you do right now, on their first order. I know I did. I don't care what anyone says you'll be waiting for the Po-Po to deliver them to you with a form fitting pair of cuffs. Lol. The odds are entirely aginst that happening. They get nabbed by customs coming into the country. They trash them and send you the green greeting. The odds are aginst them even looking at your package, so that's even more in our favor. My personal feeling on customs catching your beans is this.....They may find them, but their job is to keep non authorized material from entering the country. This includes non native species. If you've ever flown, they do not allow fruits or vegetables into the country. They are concerened about seeds too. They may suspect that they are pot seeds, but they don't know that they are. It would cost enormus money to follow up on every seed they catch coming in. It isn't just pot growers having seeds sent into this country by a far stretch. If you think of it in these terms, It would cost a lot of money to follow up on every find. They just destroy them and send the letter with what's left of your package.

    That being said, it doesn't mean they can't do things differently. Don't pack your paranoia up and put it away. Keep some of it around to keep you on the three rule straight and narrow. Don't smell-Don't tell-Don't sell. Almost everyone that gets busted talked too much. Growing is addictive and you'll be proud of what you do. Resist the urge to show it off too much. That's the best advice you can get as a noobie.

    This is a good place to ask questions and show off your buds, if you feel like it. Welcome aboard!

    jeeves1000 Member

    Sorry brotha - not an option right now...? I'm guessing the msg option is the middle option on the right when I click you name? Cuz it's missing....
    But as soon as I can, I'll msg....

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Plant 8 bag seeds. Odds are that 4 will be female. Learn on seed you already have.

    jeeves1000 Member

    Droopy, that was an awesome post! - thank you.... you put my mind at some ease. The 3 rules are excellent.... and we practice all but don't smell but I can easily see how things tighten up once you start growing!
    So in your opinion should I ship to my work (I actually receive the mail....shocker I know!...lmao...) or just str8 to the house?
    Also I have to say that I can sooooo easily see how this is becoming the new American pastime!! Probably the best hobby known to man, so yes, once have my first heavy harvest, I'll have to talk at least the minimum amount of shit...lol... but I'll do it on here....


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