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360w advanced LED

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Brizzy, Jan 9, 2013.


    Brizzy Active Member

    Could a 360w led from advanced led replace and perform as well/better than a 400w HID?

    FranJan Well-Known Member

    Which model? What's the true draw in watts? Offhand, a 360 watt LED panel will smoke a 400 watt HID in most, if not all, cases. But if it's a 180 to 200 watt LED panel then it's probably more about how good the grower is than the light source, though quality of diodes will have a big effect here too.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Based on my experience with advanced leds, I would say yes the 360 should perform similarly if not better than a 400w hps. I haven't used that model myself, but I have used the 180w extreme flower, 200w diamond series, and xml 150 so I'm pretty familiar with their lights and how they perform.

    ninjagrowguy Active Member

    I just did a test recently....2 4x4 tents. 1 400w hps, 1 extreme flower 180w. Strain was thc bomb. The results were surprising. The 11 band makes a big difference. The ext led did a damn good job. I set up a flood and drain table recently (using sun leaves rocks), currently running some blueberry trainwreck under 600w hps, but I plan on swapping up my lights, buying another extreme diamond 200 and putting both above the f & d table. Enough to perform better than a 600w hps, while supporting less heat, less water evaporation, lower profile, and it'll look crazy technological, lol. The new 11 band with better angle lenses are legit for smaller spaces/home grows. Imo can now perform at the level of hid lights if used properly.

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