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350 dollars for 10 seeds lmao wtf?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Roflicer, Dec 29, 2011.


    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Cuz each plant puts out thousands of seeds... Seems like you answered your own question from the start. Say you spend $350 and end up with a stellar male and a stellar female. Cross the two and you have several thousand seeds. You just paid $350 for thousands of seeds with great genetics... Sounds kinda cheap that way.

    At least they aren't Monsanto charging you $350 for 10 seeds and then suing you when you make your own. ;)

    Not like they are forcing you to buy em either...

    jpill Well-Known Member

    i'm going to write them a letter talking shit !! like right now !!

    ClosetSafe Active Member

    They are 10 feminized seeds for $350, I don't see many people wanting to make more seeds with those plants.... But clones, of course.
    Edit: Just realized that I don't see many people finding stellar males in those ten packs either. Not trying to pick a fight, just pointing out the fact that they are feminized was overlooked.

    Maybe they aren't monsanto, but making strains exclusively feminized is pretty much boning you when you want to make your own.

    I hate how companies are becoming exclusively female.

    People aren't forced to buy them right now, but I would hate to be in a market where we were forced to ONLY buy female seeds.

    Some companies are predicting that this female exclusive trend will go away, but it is going to take the buyers to influence the change in the market.

    As long as someone is willing to pay those nuts will be around.

    But in the end you are right, $350 is nothing for 10 beans you really want.

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