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30% thc strain finders guide

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by VTMi'kmaq, Aug 16, 2013.


    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    If there is anyone in our community willing to share there knowledge of STRONG,STABLE 25-30% genetics Please share here for folks who have the capacity to learn and grow can do so! thankyou!
    Dr. Skunk Bud

    Dr. Skunk Bud Active Member

    I grew some G13 haze and it comes in around 22% THC at least according to the seed information. It was pretty lethal so I believe the information was pretty spot on.

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    I should share obviously sea of seeds freebie jack herrer, honestly don't know what the % was, however I have partaken in cannabis for 20 years and was having trouble putting thoughts together after 9 weeks of flowering and a good 30 day cure before smoking. Ironicly whilest drying it smelt like two male cats had pissed all over my dry closet! Never forget that plant ever!

    NevilleS.2013 Active Member

    From wat I've read and learned is if u was to smoke 30% it would cause u to have an heart attack.

    HeadieNugz Active Member


    Exactly what have you been reading mate, The Onion?
    Because if i can take a .5 dab of some 86% shatter, and go back 2nds and 3rds...
    You sure as shit aren't dropping dead from cardiac stress from tokin flowers, mate.

    NevilleS.2013 Active Member

    Of that 30% thc test reading what percentage is active once smoked? 12, 10, 5 or 2? Thc speeds up the heart and makes your blood pressure go up when smoked which causes your eyes to become red. Too many ppl look at these test readings and not what the product does. Becuz I know I've had some that was tested at 10 that smoked like it was 25

    CrixMix Member

    I'm glad you said it first, not only bud but sum weak beers buzz you more than stupify you. I think bud should be rated by how trippy it is rather than %

    sk12 Active Member

    Bomb thc bomb is 25% I believe growing it now really small plants but large amount of bud all over.

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    Really? That's news too me! I guess I better stop ingesting my 15 grams a day and one of them is an gram of oil! I might have had one already and don't even know it I'm so stoned! Really...a heart attack!...Silly. I have a chees product from green house, not exodus but Cheese It was supposed to be 18-22% but now that I have grown it to maturity I would say it is a little stronger for sure.

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    I have lab tested coconut oil at 19%+. Eaten in small or large doses just makes you sleepy as heck...

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