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30 Gallon Smart Pots, how big?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by rumors1011, Apr 9, 2012.


    rumors1011 Member

    How big you think these plants are going to get in 30 gallon smart pots. They have been vegging since feb.

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    Dutchmast3r Active Member

    idk, how often do u see new growth..how quick has it been growing..it depends u cant tell tht just by look and nt watching the whole time what kinda nutes? whats the temps gunna be like? all tht will make a difference

    rumors1011 Member

    Its growing super fast outside. Its gonna out grow the green house in the next month. Just curious who else has used 30 gallon pots. I'm thinking they might be to small.

    iamgman Active Member

    Im curiuos if you can use smaller pots like this to retard size of plants, and if that will effect the quality and quantity of buds. Some of us dont want 14 footers in our back yards 8)

    Favre2Harvin Well-Known Member

    what strain is that? it looks like its going to get huge man. lol

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    these where grown in 3 gallon bags and this was the size they got .the same plant in a 10 gallon wil get 6-8 ft and bushy
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    NorcalAbdiver Well-Known Member

    I grew my first grow last year outdoor. Started with seed around mid to late april and had a 6 in 30 gallon pots. 2 of the 6 which were qrazy train grew the tallest. Here is 6 from mid summer about 1 1/2 months before stretch and bud. the 3 on the right ended up filling and and being over 6 feet tall. the 2 in the middle the larger 2 in the pic were over 8 feet when done and probably 8 feet around. The fence in the background is 7 feet tall

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    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    is that your front yard?

    rumors1011 Member

    Thats sweet bro.
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    big enough that you will need a laundry basket to harvest just keep it out of the public eye and you should be good

    PuroChronica Member

    wow norcalabdiver, those plants look real healthy. im also thinking about using those smart pots. do they have holes on the bottom for drainage? would that 30 gallon bag work better than a 30 gallon plastic rubbermaid tote? i need to be able to move mine around the backyard. i was planning on putting wheels on the bottom of the tote. would it be possible to build a frame for the smart pots in order to put wheels under them?

    NorcalAbdiver Well-Known Member

    It was the backyard, would be pretty brave to have those sitting in the front yard lol. Well in my opinion the smart pot would be better then then rubbermaid container due to the way the smart pot air prunes. AFter harvest the entire 30 gallon pot was a solid mass of roots and if the pot is left on the ground the roots will go through it and into soil. I was able to move the 30 gallons pretty easy just by sliding them along the ground. once the plnats start getting tall and wide its alot harder to move them around. I'm pretty big and lift heavy shit all day so it was easy for me not sure of your size or lifting ability so fill 1 first water it and try and move it to get idea if to heavy for you.
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    PuroChronica Member

    thanks Norcal. im probably gonna do 3 rubbermaids and 3 smart pots to see which one i prefer. i will definietly be making a frame with wheels on it to move around. for the rubbermaids do you know if the plastic would get to hot in the summer and damage the roots? is there any material i can use to prevent the sun from cooking them?

    NorcalAbdiver Well-Known Member

    Not sure how hot the rubbermaid container will get. Being that its encloased plastic im sure it would get hotter then the air pots. I'm in sacramento area and its gets pretty damn hot in the summer and i never felt that the black air pots ever got hot. I made the white container on the far right the same size as the smart pot but it had an open bottom, the materials i used was left over TPO commercial roofing material that i heat welding into a tube. Its 97% reflective and uv resitant and as you can see it did just as well. If you live in cooler climate might be beneifical or ideal to have warmer soil but you have to make that determination based on your location. Only real way to know is laser infared temp reader i have one but never thought to use on the pots.

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Smart pots all the way! :D

    LWD Active Member

    I'm doing a 30 gal smart pot closet grow, they are going to be too tall for my closet I believe. I should of just stuck with 10 gal pot. I had no idea they were going to become this tall this quickly. When the roots have the extra room to grow, it don't mess around that is for sure.

    PoopBear Well-Known Member

    To the og poster- In 30 gallon you should be looking at a yield of around 3/4 of a pound. There is really NO reason to start them so early if they are going to stay in the 30s. If you decide to put them in something bigger do it before they get rootbound. If they get rootbound before you transplant you will need to rough them up a little and literally break the "bound". As far as Smart Pot Vs. Rubbermade? Smart Pot all day long. The plastic will break after a year or two from the sun. Plus the Smart Pot will breathe better and drain better while keeping your soil cooler than the plastic. 30 gallon and less is real easy for two people to load in a wheelbarrow and cart around.

    mwooten102 Well-Known Member

    they wont root bind in smartpots as they air prune. If you put your pot on some nice cleared dirt they will root straight into the ground. I like 30 gallons they work perfect for me I've got 20x 30gallon smartpots I'm going to fill this year and I expect a pound per plant no problem.

    indcolts77 Active Member

    Smartpots are awesome and all I use...no need for holes on the bottom, the water drains right through the fabric on the entire pot! And you can have smaller pots for bigger plants vs plastic BC they air prune...almost impossible to over water

    flawlesscrew Well-Known Member

    here is the thing I learned last year. It doesnt matter how much you veg that plant when you place it in a "pot" it will always be the same size as a plant that wasnt vegged. The reason is because once the plant reached the point where it runs out of room growth slows down a lot. I vegged a plant for almost 3 months and a put one in that was 2 weeks old and they came out to same size. I too used smart pots. I was told this from an old timer who has 40 plus years on us and I didnt believe him until last season. Now the only reason I veg long is so when it goes out side it can handle a little nibble from critters. If you place in the ground it will be the same don't ask me how Im still trying to figure that out. The plants that are smaller will catch up in 10 days or so and you will never notice a difference. 30 gallon yield amount doesnt matter what matters is your strain so get to know your plant and you will have a better idea of your return. The older timer told me your plant is half the battle and now I know what he means. I grew OG Kush in the 30 gallon pot and I got 8 oz per plant I grew Nuken in same pot got 1.5 lbs so there you go hope it helps
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