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3 week old autoflower pistils

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Skizzle, Sep 24, 2010.


    Skizzle Member

    Hi everyone!*

    About 3 weeks ago I sprouted a*Dinafem Roadrunner automatic and a Dinafem Haze automatic.

    "What should I expect from auto flower strains?" I asked myself.*
    "The seeds were a freebie so I guess I'll find out." was the answer*

    I planted the Roadrunner auto in a hempy bucket. It was my first time and I was nervous.
    I planted the Haze in soil. I felt safe but worried it would grow painfully slower than the Hempy bucket. Oh well, I'm a new grower and I will learn by doing, and if I failed at the Hempy bucket and killed my seedling, at least soil wouldn't let me down and I would have my Haze.*

    Fast forward 3 weeks....... *

    Last night the cfl bulb for my Roadrunner auto fell out of it's housing/ballast (the part that screws in separated from the actual bulb) so I put her in with my flowering plants (400w hps @ 12/12). She had been under the cfl for roughly 4 hrs so I figured 12 hrs under hps would be all right. Today when I came home and checked on my ladies, I discovered that my 6 inch, four node tall, 3 week old seedling had huge pistils shooting out the 3rd and 4th nodes. I've never grown autoflowering plants before so I don't know if this is normal. I sprouted and planted a Haze automatic in soil at the exact same time as the Roadrunner and my Haze is only 2" tall with 3 nodes. I thoroughly checked the Haze auto and not a pistil to be seen.*

    The Roadrunner is in a hempy bucket and being fed aggressive growth schedule per GH waste runoff ratio 1/2 strength 2x per week. **

    Lights and light schedule have been identical for the two seedlings except the one night my roadrunner sat under hps.

    The seeds were my UFO from attitude so I wasn't looking to plant autoflower. I'm just curious if pistils at 3 weeks is normal or if the hps set it off.. OR is it just preflowers? I've never seen preflowers before and it could be, but this looks like she's in flowering mode based on my experience with the grow I have yet to complete.*I'm not even done with my first grow, it's in week 4 of flowering so I'm still a noob.

    *The pistils are huge. She doesn't even have 5 pronged leaves yet lol.

    Should I put her back in the flowering chamber, or should I just continue with 16/8 under cfl until she's bigger.*

    Hopefully*I didn't leave anything out or sound retarded. *


    napa23 Well-Known Member

    Keep her in the flowering chamber! Flowering at 3 weeks is good for an auto. My 60 Day Wonder just started flowering at 2 weeks exactly.

    Skizzle Member

    Wow, that is pretty awesome then, less time to wait, man what a surprise!

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