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3 SETS of leaves?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Redeflect, Nov 6, 2008.


    Redeflect Well-Known Member

    it's feminized. i dont think it'll go hermi since it hasn't really been stressed. Through atleast if its a stressed-hermi i can make it screw itself and start anew with female seeds :-). And you can smoke any cannabis, sex just depends how high you intend to get. At the very least i'd say a male is a good candidate for making hash-oil.

    Redeflect Well-Known Member

    still, haven't found much about the whorled phytolaxy(think it's a whorl). Seems not too rare, just pretty uncommon. Dont think it'll be poisoning me during the smoke or giving bigger/better yields(damn) so i think i'll just ignore it.

    RastaCourage Well-Known Member

    EDIT: personally, i think you should ignore it
    i think, with the 3 leaves/branches, is a good thing

    that's whats up, at least you can get seeds & try again
    males are always good, for hash
    but, i never smoked a hermi before.. lol

    check out my baby, she recovered from root loss.. lol
    drop feedback, if you want to :D


    Smallsetup Well-Known Member

    I have a nirvana Wonder Woman plant that i've been growing from seed, and it has been sprouting 3 leaves and branches from the main stalk. I will try to post a pic of her tomorrow. :leaf:

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    i had a male white widow start doing this to me after the 8th node. started growing 3 fan leaves and 3 shoots. it was one of my bushiest and healthiest plants. sad to see it go...
    just L

    just L Active Member

    its called trifoliates, i think, which means its a mutant. it will grow strong and look pretty, but yield will be low. if thats what it is, its because the hermie plant it came from came from a hermie, and the one before that and so on and thats causes the mutation.

    they look cool and if you have the room let it grow:-P

    good luck and happy grow

    jesus420 Well-Known Member

    silly hillbilly inbred plants... squeal piggy!

    CuriousSoul Well-Known Member

    You have what is called a whorled phyllotaxy which is not detrimental in any way to the plant. It is a very common mutation in mary jay and can be passed along to offspring without causing ill effects. More branching = more budding sites = higher yield. I have a random bagseed showing this trait and intend to use it for breeding; very healthy looking plant. Happy growing!

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