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3 Point Leaves

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ctp2989, Feb 3, 2011.


    ctp2989 Member

    Hello all,

    Ive been growing since the end of october, and have been doing a lot of LST on my 4 babies (probably started a little later than i would have liked). I figured giving them a chance to be tall bushy plants is better than just plain old tall. Anyway im starting this thread because the majority of my leaves only have three points or fingers to them. there are some 5 point leaves as well but they are way outnumbered.
    a brief background, the plants are clones (mothers from seeds all with 5 point leaves), and had 5 point leaves earlier in my grow season. for the better part of the past 2 months, i have bee battling a fungus gnat infestation in my soil (ive tried organic powders, sprays, sticky traps, and nematoads but none have dont the job for more than a week. I currently ordered Knock-Out Gnat granules which contain the BTi bacteria which apparently attacks the larva which feed on the plants root tips and decomposing matter. hopefully this works).

    because the plants have had this infestation, ive been trying to cut back on my waterings to keep the soil a little more dry, however its never dried out. because ive been scaling back on the waterings, for the last month (at least 3 weeks) the plants have not "feed", because the water i was giving them had the nematoads in it.

    now that you have all the info on my ladies, any idea whats causing the 3 points? is it all the LST and they just need more time for the lower growth that has been forced to grow more a chance to establish themselves, or is it because of the stress from the gnats? or possibly even a lack of nutrients? the soil is a compost/ mirical grow moisture control mix so the soil definitely contains natural nutes.

    any suggestions as to what i can do to get my 5 points back? and maintain healthy colored leaves for the future?

    I NEED HELP! any responses would be greatly appreciated!

    also, if they do continue to stay three pointed, this wont have any affect on yeild will it? ive read contradictory posts.

    thanks in advance!


    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    I had this happen the first time I cloned. The clone started out with normal leaves and then out of nowhere started popping what I called ducks foot leaves. These three leaved nodes happened for FOUR nodes than went back normal. It did not affect the yield at all.... I actually thought it was cool.....I was hoping the leaves stayed that way so I could possibly pollinate it and have the seeds end up with this "duck foot" leaf thing........ would be great for a gorilla strain. For your gnat problem....... ever thought of adding some lady bugs to your flower room? I saw this on here and went and picked some up..... they take care of ALL my bug problems and their fat and happy.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    I am not sure nor have any FACTs but I hear 3 nodes means the plant is suffering in some way. My plant normally have 3nodes as the 1st or 2nd node but after that I might get as many as 8 on 1 Fan

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    3 nodes? I thought he was talking about his fan leaves only having three leaves per fan leaf?

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    sorry. im high. i mean 3 leafs :D

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    oh i get ya lol ya I had this happen and it looked weird but I let her go and she ended up just fine..... I also noticed with this three leaf thing that my leaves were SUPER dark green like almost Nitrogen over kill or something.

    sniffer Well-Known Member

    if they only have 3 finger leafs ,, you need more light and less cold
    Nilla Ice

    Nilla Ice Member

    Here's my experience with cloning:

    I have found from many clonings from seed mothers that the resulting clones will generally loose a set of fingers. Cloning a 9 fingered plant will result in an offspring with a max finger count of 7. Its a weird phenomenon, but it does not affect quality. I recieved a 5 fingered Blueberry once and took clones of it. All the resulting clones grew leaves with 3 fingers, but produced great meds. To my belief, I just think that some genetic coding is lost or turned off during the cloning process and the leaf structure could be a gene affected.

    As far as not enough lighting and too cold, I do not think this is the case.

    soljav3 Member

    You need to adjust your pH level to 6.8 if you are using soil. My tap water is 8.5-9.0 pH, and this happened to me. As soon as I adjusted my pH the leaves that came out from then on were 5 points then 7's as my plants rehabilitated themselves. Hope this helps, and if I were you, let your tap water sit for a couple days so that the pH will lower. I think the chlorine dies off somehow, and thats how the pH adjusts. Also if you are adding nutes, it lowers your pH alot, and this could also render your plant to have 1 pointed, or 3 pointed leaves, and turn light green, or even yellow. I wish I had bought a pH meter a long time ago.

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