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3 gallon vs 5 gallon pots

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by IndiansWad, Jun 22, 2012.


    IndiansWad Member

    I have been reading alot of this topic, and I still don't have a clear answer. The tent is 6.5 feet high, now given the height of the pot and the clearance needed for the 1000 watt hood and space in betweem for heating issues, the plants can not get over 4 feet tall ( probably a little less actually) With that being said, what size pots would be better? I'm leaning towards the 3 gallom because like I said the plants will only be 3-4 feet, but if using 5 gallon pots would somehow increase the yield even with its limited height it seems like the 5 gallons would be a better choice. Can anyone chime in on this? Thank you

    drolove Well-Known Member

    the more soil the better. some people grow in almost 100 gallon containers lol. 5 gallon should be enough for 1 plant though.
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    IndiansWad Member

    I may be limited to only keeping the plants to a 3 feet maxium though, does that matter?

    dc4 Well-Known Member

    then you could go with 3. I have heard the rule of thumb is foot per gallon. Maybe you could go with 4 or 5 gallons and do some lst/topping? More yield per space?
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    Grojak Well-Known Member

    I have grown 3/5 in the same run same strain same veg time. The trunk of the 5gal gets bigger, the plant grew taller but not significantly. What it really come down to is how long will you let them veg in the pot before flowering? If you're planning to transplant to the 3 or 5 than veg for a month, go 5. If you plan to transplant and veg for 3 days go 3 (I say veg for 3 days, I always leave a plant in the same room for 3 - 5 days after transplant before moving it to flower, I also just run ph'd water from that 3 - 5 days so as to flush away any notes or salt. I'm not saying I'm right or an expert, just what I do.

    DC4 commented on a gallon per foot, I've not heard that before, but I have heard of going by a gallon month but I don't buy into that because no ones going to veg for 7 months in a 10gal pot, who has that much space and time.

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    i stand with the 5gal people!

    nastynate420 Active Member

    Ive got mine in 3.5 gal pots and they are at least 42" tall at the end of week 3 flowering. I can already tell im gonna have to water twice a day at the end of flowering. Im gonna run 5 gal pots with the next batch . Actually transplanting into 5 gal tomorrow. Try looking for a 5 gal pot that is shorter and wider.

    Broseidon Member

    I grow in a space about 3-4 feet tall and use a 5 gal. LST that breezy

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    the bigger the pot is always better under any situation,, except space constraints

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    10gal totes are my fave.

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    In the cannabis bible, they did a study, which produced more... 3 plants in a bigger pot, one in a smaller pot, and one that they did in a smaller pot and topped... the 3 in the bigger pot had the higst dry buds, then the toppes single smaller, then the natural smaller pot
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    IndiansWad Member

    Lol, this is a very hard decision for me. As of now I am leaning towards the 3 because my my height limitations, but if 5's would produce that bigger trunk even if they are the same height, it seems like 5's may be the way to go.

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    exactly i use a 12' actually... moe room to LST if u choose to do so, or grow multiple plants in one container.. IN SOME COUNTRIES YOUR LIMIT IS NOT PLANTS, BUT NUMBER OF CONTAINERS.. something to consider

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    height limtations are?

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    also.. if your growing in the US... ITS NOT MANDATORY MINIMUM FELONY UNTIL YOU HIT 100 PLANTS... so only grow 99, and they cant throw u away for 25 years LOL

    missnu Well-Known Member

    It is up to you and your preferences really...all my plants go in mostly 3 or 5 gallon pots...I have some 7 gallons...the 3 gallon pots get a little cramped at the end of flower and you have to water more, but then again it is the end of flower...so whatever. You will have a slightly larger plant with a 5 gallon pot, but it doesn't have to be height wise...you can keep training the plant down so it is shorter as opposed to taller...

    vilify Well-Known Member

    What I have, and always will stick to.. 1 gallon per month of growth.
    I have actually gone over that mark with root pots and saw no ill effects, but I would not do the same for plastic containers.

    Shooting for plants that tall, adding in some LST/topping. I would say the 5 would be best.

    GuerillaGrowers Active Member

    im thinking of doing a grow in my 55 gal res i dont use anymore... fill it with promix or cmpost, and LST a plant or three in it?

    IndiansWad Member

    The plants can not reach over 4 feet. Im thinking they have to be around 3 and 1/2 feet at the maximum.

    IndiansWad Member

    Train it down by having a shorter veg cycle right? From everything I have read and given my situation, I'm leaning towards the 3 gallons because I don't think the 5 gallon would make it much bigger at all. Now if I had no limitations on height, I would definitely go with the 5 gallon though.

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