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3 Bladed Leaf

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by starway, Mar 14, 2007.


    starway Active Member

    hi all i planted some cannabis plants right next to each other because i didnt think they would grow and i was just wondering why my cannabis plant has got 3 bladed leafs ! someone says on the forum that it looks just like a house hold plant that looks remotely like the cannabis plant, but it smells like cannabis as well also on one of the healthy plants i planted recently i can see a little pod appearing its really small and it where the leaves usually come out of the node, on this node thers a tiny little pod looking thing and the leaves are also starting to com from that node.
    does that little node thing mean male or could it be a hermie cause they have been stressed a hell of a lot . there over 4 months old and there only about 10inches big. and thers like 8 plnts in the same pot wwhich isnt big and there all right next to eachother.
    any help would be appreciated

    is it even mary jane? , it came from bagseed! it must be!

    why does it only have 3 bladed leaves?

    do you think it will flower with the weather in the uk if its a ladie? ive been growing it on my windowsill in london and i started it in winter and its had no arteficial light ever only winter sunlight. do u think it might flower with the summer appraching. and does it need pitch black whens theres no light if i want it to flower.
    because im thinkning it might get interupted when im in my room at night time and i have my light on, even though theyre not bright lights do think this would have an affect? or even the street lamps out side in my road?

    any help would be really appreciated!

    starway Active Member


    Nizzan Well-Known Member

    Clone that beast and see if you can preserve those characteristics. Might be usefull in the future to breed with.

    ILoveUMaryJane Well-Known Member

    younger shoots will have 3 bladed leaves, above the next node they'll be 5 bladed, then 7, then 9.

    Hydroflo Well-Known Member

    I also have a plant with 3 bladed leaves on it. The person who gave me the clone called it "black diamond". It's definatley mostly indica so far. As for the name im not sure if its actually dubbed "Black Domina" and over the years the name be mistaken.

    starway Active Member

    hi guys its been a long time but i have perservered with the plants and repotted it twice!
    i havent seperated the plants ! except i have taken out the other household plant from the pot and left all 10 mj plants to fight for nutrients in the one pot ! and they dont seem to be minding !
    i was just wondering does anyone think i will get any bud of the plants ? or if the bud wont be worth it, should i just keep it has a mother ! cause nearly all PLants have shown preflowers and i think i might have all females !!!! yepey !! and they were from bag seed from some homegrowny skunk! i have already taken 5 cuttings and they have been rooting on my window sill for about a week now !
    anyone have any suggestions?
    and if i get a good rootball on the clones do u think it will be possible to plant them outside and get some bud of them this summer? or would planting in a pot and putting them outside on nice days and bringing them in on shit days be agood idea>?
    any suggestions welcome!
    thanx all !!!!



    joekikass Well-Known Member

    My sour nl x haze has 3 bladed leaves not sure what it means .

    rerun121895 Member

    i got some plants growing outside the house. they have three fingers on most leaves. leaves with more than three fingers dont look like weed. the plant has a strong skunky odor. the fingers are not edged down the sides making them look like a torn piece of paper. its real weird.can anyone help.

    satch Well-Known Member

    Mature leaves NORMALLY have more than 3 blades, but the amount of blades is dependent on the genetics. The strains I have now all range from 5 blades to 11 at maturity. The Skunk cross with the 11's has 5 gallon bucket sized leaves.
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    yep-it all shows maturity.i had a month old clone -had many nodes well over 3 and after re-planting it formed 3 spiked leaves and after a week it started to re vegged itself 4 a early pre-flowering state.So that may also cause this-reveging proces while plant starts to reach her 2 nd vegging state.
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    you talk 2 much starway

    cain129 Well-Known Member

    and he's full of shit with those pictures. What happened to the 5 plants that are 10 inches tall on the first post = looks to me on the second post that is a single plant in a pot not 5 in a pot.

    I call bullshit

    starway1 Member

    I talk to much >?

    Bullshit ? wtf ?

    I dont understand, i wasnt even claiming to have done anything miraculous and your saying bullshit.

    I grew some plants maybe 10 all in the same spot next to a house plant. Managed in the end to remove the house plant and keep the cannabis. Left them for ages on the windowsill throughout winter and into spring and so on.

    Heres some pics, the fourth pic in the row is the earlist pic i have and you can still see 3 bladed leafs on it. That pic is like a week after i removed the house plant that it was smothering.

    Anyway heres a phew. i have too many on different forums.

    why am i bullshitting ? whats there to bullshit about ?

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    starway1 Member

    I took clones from of the mothers and they were by far better smokes than the horrible mothers that were smothered together.

    skunkbudz420 Member

    my plant has 3 leaves all the way up on each node no 5 7 or 9 just 3 an its 1 1/2 foot talll why is the plant like this ?? any one can help thanks..

    SPiCOLiE Active Member

    ok but my plant got up to 5 blades per leaf then swiched to 3 blade and has been growing this way ever since.. ?

    SPiCOLiE Active Member

    man my plant is doing the same thing it means its prob a clone, or has a genetic defect but mine is in flowering and is doing really really well doing twice as well as the other plant i have the same age twice the yield!!

    57states57 Member

    No you screwed with the lights did you go 12/12 then back to 18/24 or 24/24? I did now my plants are full grown with 3 bldes then 1 all over the top but under the top it is mature

    chop400 Member

    whats up man i have my mj in my closet but this is my first plant and its very green its about 10 in and i have 3 leaves and there very big but it looks like there are more leaves growing from the bottom of the stem where the fans are can some one tell me how old my plant is or what its doing

    KU$H$MOKER816 Member

    Ey i have this weed plant i been growin it for like 2 weeks now and it has 3 small leafs on it, i can see the 4th leaf popping up. the plant it self is smaller then my pinky. i just wanted to know is it a good sign or bad??? NEED HELP GET BACK AT ME ASAP

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