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2x4 scrog hempy

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by srh2006, Sep 15, 2013.


    srh2006 Member

    doing a one plant 2x4 scrog with hempy. what i'm wondering is what size bucket should i use. i have it now in a 2 gallon bucket. but was think of a 8 gallon storage tote. would that be to big and a waste or would the 2 gallon take me to finish.

    UOENO Active Member

    go with the 8 if u already have it. I am not doing scrog, and im trying out 5 and 10 gal pots. so go ahead. =)

    smokegreenshlt Active Member

    If ya got the room do it but I use 3 gals with 6 under 600watt shps n my hempys give me 4 Oz's a piece with no training just a month of veg

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