2nd grow, first journal.

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    I had a plant last go round that seemed stunted and wasnt keeping up, so I took it out and kept it under a cfl as a mother. I just butchered it and made six clones. Here they are under my 150w hps. Cloned them right into soil, been giving them only the light that comes in threw the open closet door, and been spritzing them with water to keep the soil moist. Its been 4 days, and I'm anxious to flip the light on, but probably not ready yet.

    Here they are. D7802FBF-CD21-4393-9B0B-9A50289ADCCA-2403-0000032010F289B3.jpg 71ED6A19-F371-4056-8E81-3FF4F831E83B-2403-0000031F67938A77.jpg and this is the result of my first grow, well some of it.
    Had some PH issues that was slowing killing the plants late in flower, not sure if thats why my yield was poor, probably.
    The buds were dank, but as you can see theyre alittle airy, probably mostly due to only having a 150, but i might have harvested early also.

    Neways, any comments on how long you'd let them set before flipping the lights on? Also if someone would like to talk PH to me that would be appreciated.
    I read alot of, "ph the water going in" "ph the runoff"
    Not sure what the PH of the soil im using is.
    How do you ph water that isnt clear(runoff)? wont that effect your color reading of the vial? I dont have a digital

    Please give me your thoughts, I'll be back with an update when I flip the lights and see growth.

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Flipped the lights on yesterday. Not positive, but I think I see a small change in the growth, and the stocks feel firmly planted in the soil so I think roots are beginning to take hold. I currently have my light pretty high from the tops, because I don't want to dry them out I guess. When I see alittle more vigor Ill lower the lamp and begin regular updates with pictures. Cheers

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Looking nice bro any particular strain....I just started my journal well another 1 on accident....lol got 3 flowering babies and 3 blue dream ima try 12/12 should be ok to throw lights on em like ya said i would imagine you got a fan blowing on em ? could lower the light a bit if so

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    I was told the seed came for a dispensary, but I couldn't telll you honestly I just got it from a friend, so we can call it bagseed. As for the fan, right now i only have a small computer fan hanging from the light, it blows across the tops when the light is at the right level. But since its winter atm, I just leave the winter open in the room that the closet is in, which keeps the room mild.

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    DAY 7
    Its been week since i cloned, and theres not much to report.

    Of the seven, 2 have grown a new node
    128D5AAC-C3E8-4D3D-9238-2CCE1C479CDF-925-000000F780FF5512.jpg EAC70295-EAD0-428F-A1B3-277C4480CA7A-925-000000F764278F6B.jpg

    And these two seem to be doing the worst.
    I lowered the light on them, and these two started getting worse, so I raised it again. Going to give it another day to see if they get established.
    If they don't Ill chuck them, could probably lose a few anyways.
    Thanks for looking. Cheers

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the successful grow. you should be proud you ended with produce the 1st round. I bet you learned a lot that will allow you to improve each time. If you wanna get into the game you need a ph pen get a hanna on ebay for 30-40 bucks. get the calibration, clean and storage as liquid so you keep in good shape. people who let the tip dry out they go belly up so keep it moist. you have ph issues i think. working with soil ph the water or water/nuts. combo to 6.2-6.5 every time. the plants will not be yellow like these pics. As for cloning. you must wen the plants so they can handle light without the 100% humidity. if they drop as you have after transplanting as you have get a clear dome (mist it) of some kind like even a large baggie with the idea of humidity the plant was used to in the cloning setting. The leaves will pick up in maybe 10 minutes. Next what is your watering sched. like the last 3 (4 days ago, 5 days and 5 days ago). Do you have knats? If you do you are over watering. enough for now..

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    So I should just ph the water to what I want the soil to be(the range u stated)?

    Day 10
    Three of the clones have really perked up. They're spreading leaves with purpose! Heres the two best ones, and will just pray for the others...
    4E9E59A8-6179-4450-B617-F5813D449F07-1417-000001548D5A370A (1).jpg
    Yes that starcraft in teh back :P
    Honda Cog

    Honda Cog Member

    Good luck on this,i'm no pro and still on my first grow but the one thing i had problems with was heat issues but now i'm finding out Ph levels could of been a course too.
    PH is very important from what i'm learning now,check your soil brand and let us know also what other things do you feed your girls and how often.

    I keep a spreadsheet of water times and Nut added/high etc next run i will also add PH levels to keep track of what my strains like for when i run them again.

    Keep up the updates i'm going to sit back and learn from your grow and what the pros tell you.

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    yes. if you add water make sure its at 6.2-6.5. If you add nuts in liguid form to water then to the pot make sure what ever goes in the pot is 6.2-6.5. I suggest sunleaves seabird guano nuts. as an amendment monthly and nothing else the entire grow. Proven simple and on the mark. Others work as well though..... Look up the absorsion of elements in a plant by when it absorbs the elements at different ranges. If you want to be anal about it you should vary different waterings along the 6.2-3-4-5 but its dirt so unless your commercial kep it simple.

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    Day 13
    Only 3 clones rooted :/ The others were so withered that I scraped them. I pulled them out of the soil and there was no sign roots. The three that did root are doing well, and are about 6 inches tall now. I am have one problem, that I don't understand. As you can see in the picture the leaves on one of the girls is cupping pretty severely. I thought this was a heat issue, so I raised the light, and left the window cracked in my office to bring the temp down more, but it hasnt helped. Its stranged because neither of the other two are showing the same symptoms. Any idea what else it might be? I though maybe its roots hadnt developed enough to keep up with its water demand under the lights heat, but the girl thats cupping is the one that rooted first, and is the biggest, so I dont think that is the case. Anyways, here's some new photos.

    29F1CAF7-AFF0-4B57-BF22-030DB6D3023D-657-0000008F5263BB9E.jpg 41B7C9B1-AF4F-4A1D-BE73-4ED6A52D5E55-657-0000008F48F61DF2.jpg 51A45BE5-A645-4A42-ACEE-977300523D57-657-0000008FF5FF5412.jpg
    Btw, I know the picture of the cupping looks like theres discoloration on the leaf, but its just a reflection from the wall.


    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Feel free to post stuff of your grow, not sure if you have a journal or not, but if you want peoples help/advice feel free to share mine.

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Yeah I really need to get on my ph, trying to find the money for it, but school just started back, tuition and books has me pretty broke atm. Looking at getting a ph pen and a bloom booster when I get some capital.

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Day 14
    Today I found what I think is some soddering wire, and since my light is only 150w, I thought I'd get LST a go. Here's a picture of one of them, but I did all three. What do you guys think? Considering the size of my pots, do you think its even worth doing? Alot of things I've read said to stick to single cola plants with such a weak light. If I aim for that, do I remove side branches that develop because of the LST or should I just leave them alone and let it develop multiple colas?


    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    i am warning you...dont fuck with bloom booster snake oil crap. you will burn em. If money is an issue or not sunleaves seabird guano for 15 bucks will be super for entire grow. slow release, just a table spoon per month or 3 weeks at most. water normal and that is it. lst, super crop or top will be fine make sure u veg. 1 best 2 more weeks before flower.

    mreeeee Member

    try leaving the cuttings rooting in a humid box or tub or under clear plaastic until they root ,then slowly bit by bit uncover them (harding off). all clones need is humidity to survive .

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Yeah I know, I just stray the lol. Ghetto mode. Last time all my clones rooted, but I was less than studious this time so I lost a lot

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    Day 21

    I've been thinking, since I lost so many clones, I have alot of extra room now. I think I'm going to keep training my girls and let the side branches grow so I can take a clone to keep my strain going. Since the pots are so small they'lll get root bound, I think im going to transplant to larger pots since I have the room. Whats a good amount of time to wait after replanted before flipping the lights? A week? Going to hit them with a general fert next watering. I also have a few questions for you guys.

    1. How much of a difference does fertilizing with high P sauce make in the end? Anyone know of a thread where a side by side was done? Does it increase yield, potency, both?
    2. Because of the LST, side branches are going to be competing with the original top. How can I keep all the tops about the same height so I can keep the light as close as possible to them all? Mainly, how can I keep the original top from not shooting past the others? Should I keep tying the main growth tip down and give the little ones a head start, or will they grow about the same rate?

    Heres the girls as of 5 minutes ago.
    79B9D9B6-13F1-4841-9B1A-4FC082AAEE56-2182-000002D23BA4F356.jpg 446504C8-4C64-4E68-A92A-AB2830A94180-2182-000002D2346318C4.jpg C74BEB05-4038-4D2F-8EFB-300B925AD31B-2182-000002D24A82FB71.jpg
    They're a really nice medium green, and definitely picking up vigor :D

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    Day 25
    I repotted my girls today. Moved them up to 2gallon pots. The roots looked very nice, and seemed to have taken up most of the soil because the root ball was nice and firm and didnt drop soil when pulled out of the pots. One of the plants had a rogue shoot that was jutting out, I didnt like where it was, and need a clone so I clipped it, dipped it, and put in under some plastic wrap, ghetto I know. I'm going to be much more diligent about keeping it moist since I lost so many clones last time. I also fed the girls for the first time today, just some 12-4-8 MG stuff for veg. Going to give the girls a 7-10 days to get used to their new pots, and to let the main top turn upwards(since its tied down), and them I'm going to start the flower cycle. Going to hit the hydro store and get some flower nutes.

    0DB92052-8873-459B-9422-4439888B1295-3112-000004AA607E01C2.jpg 6C5B5578-7D75-4FE4-9D85-E532E3559ABC-3112-000004AA577A9808.jpg

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    sounds good. Wanna cheap clone box. Go to walmart in the salad area and buy the large salad box/tray. After eating the salad you have a clone box. I bought 2 of em and made it 2 in height using clear tape. resealable clone box holds about 8 cclones. The transition when rooted is to use a gallon baggie resealable around the pot. just a step up from your method as the plants grow. get some clone squares at the hydro place and your off and running.

    Treeonmyhead12 Active Member

    Damn thats a good idea Relaxed. Going to update tomorrow, I got impatient and flipped the lights lol.

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